The Voice of Kyros

Location Moutain Spire
Reward ??

The Voice of Kyros is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Travel to Tunon's court in the Bastard City.
  2. Report to Tunon. (+125 xp)
  3. Speak to Tunon privately.



As you arrive to Tunon's Court, Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus representatives will be argueing their case in front of the Archon.

When you first arrive in Tunon's Court, speak with Lady Lucretius. Inquiring a bit will reveal some dialogue options that will grant Favor or incur Wrath with Tunon or the Scarlet Chorus. Speak with Tunon, Albetronas and Blood Mulch in the court. You can incur wrath with Tunon by lying or Favor by telling the truth, unless you claimed the Citadel for yourself, in which case you will incur wrath. You can speak with the Fatebinders nearby when finished for some easy Favor if you have Favor 1 with Tunon.

Speak to Tunon in private to complete The Voice of Kyros quest and gain A Trial of Archons and The Dissonance of War. Head to the exit where you will be stopped by Bleden Mark. If you sided with the Scarlet Chorus you will lose Favor and gain Wrath with him. Depending on what you say to him you can gain Wrath or Favor. Afterwards, head towards Cacophony.


Vendrien_Guard For neutral players who sided with the Vendrien Guard, the player can do a Lore (38) check to defend oneself from the accusation of treason. It grants average favor with Tunon, as is stating the Archons were argueing and the player did what it could. Subterfuge (38) is also available with no consequence. Stating that you took control will gain average wrath with Tunon. If you use lore, subsequently prove your point to gain further minor favor.

Speaking with Tunon privately afterwards, he will allow your pragmatic approach to side with the Vendrien Guard, and allow you to continue the allegiance as long as they are your vassals. There are opportunities to gain average favor with Tunon by being polite and agreeable.

You will then begin the quest Forging an Allegiance.



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