Tide Together

Location Bastard's Wound
Reward --

Tide Together is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Talk to Melitta in Lethian's Crossing
  2. Find Phoibe in the village of Phlogiston
  3. Speak with Phoibe
  4. Confront Crass Callia about the gambling
  5. Return to to Phoibe
  6. Return to Wagstaff



  • Wagstaff asked you to kill a sage named Phoibe, travel to Lethian's Crossing and talked to Melitta to find where she is.
  • When you reached Phlogiston, a group of scarlet chorus has already captured Phoibe, ask their leader to allow you to speak to the sage.
  • Interrogate Phoibe, and find out what she is looking for. (You could also kill her, but that wont satisfy Wagstaff. Eb can also help you interrogate this sage if she's in your team)
  • If you agreed to set Phoibe in exchange of her findings, kill the scarlet chorus or Confront Crass Callia about the gambling to let the sage leave.
  • Find the Tome (Hide in a wagon wreck)
  • Back to Bastard's wounds, you can hand the Tome to Wagstaff, or Jaspos


Tips & Tricks

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