Trapper's Junction is an location in Tyranny.

Trapper's Junction Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

Disfavored path

Just when you entered this area, there is a wounded Unbroken soldier. Showing mercy to him gains warth from Bleden Mark.

Scarlet Chorus and Unbroken soldiers filled this map, defeat them all to complete the quest Breaking the Enemy.

Scarlet Chorus path

If you sided with the Scarlet Chorus, speak with their leader (south-east) to start the quest. You can negotiate with Mattias to recruit him for the Chorus : ask him to take a blood oath, release the Unbroken prisoners then talk to him again. Defeat the malcontent and Matthias will join the Chorus.

Tiers path

Speak with Mattias to get a clue about the situation. Irentis will hail you when you leave the fort, and ask you to recover Dauntless. Go to Infested Oldwalls to get the artifact and show it to Mattias to bolster his morale. Defeat the Scarlet Chorus in the area to complete the quest.



Trapper's Junction Sub Areas

  • None


Notable NPCs




Notable Items

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    • Anonymous

      27 Nov 2016 19:58  

      Also another bug(?) that map shows a loot/an item unreachable(?) on the map just at the right top corner of the mini rectangle in that picture. Also you can see that loot, if u toogle higlights.

      • Anonymous

        13 Nov 2016 21:40  

        There's a bug, if you get the Unbroken at the fence killed by making them fight with the Chorus, you literally can't get past there and are unable to speak or engage with Mattias

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