Truth and Reconciliation


Darkened Hollow

Fractured Depth

The Abyss

Reward --

Truth and Reconciliation is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Find the Bastard's Wound Farm Chronicle 
  2. Find the Remaining Chronicles
  3. Return to Lexeme



  • The Bastard's Wound Farm Chronicle can be found inside pig pen
  • Another Chronicle can be found at southwest room of Darkened Hollow
  • A chronicle can be found in the chamber next to the western portal at The Abyss
  • The chronicle of Fractured Depth is on a platform at south side of the area, next to the portal to The Abyss ( it'sin the underwater part. To get there, you need to go past where the second torchkey and activate the bridge to the other half of the underwater area. )
  • Return to Lexeme and pass your judgement.


Tips & Tricks

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