Twin Rivers is an location in Tyranny.

Twin Rivers Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

You will be immediately approached by Brother Caelus once you enter this area. If you decide to help him you will gain average Loyalty with Eb. If you help the Bronze Brotherhood then defeat the Bane in the area you will gain average Favor with them.

There is a nice Accessory in a pack that requires an Athletics (26) check to get to and you will need (47) Athletics to ford the river. Once accross loot the containers and head right. Defeat the Bane here and speak with Welby. You will gian average Favor if you helped them defeat the Bane.

There is an Athletics (42) check nearby that will give you a Superior Warhammer. After looting head south towards the small bridge, and watch out for the traps, one on either side of the bridge.  (hidden) Nearby are some gems, so be sure not to miss them. Defeat the Bane here and loot the corpses for some equipment. Then head to Twin Rivers Oddwalls.



Twin Rivers Sub Areas

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Notable NPCs




Notable Items

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