Vendrien's Well Citadel is an location in Tyranny.

Vendrien's Well Citadel Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

  • Speak with Fifth Eye if you chose the Scarlet Chorus to lead the battle. Once finished head right and kill the enemies there, minding the traps. There are a few things to loot and the enemies yield easy xp. The head up and to the left for another battle, again beware of traps. Behind the enemies is a wall you can scale if you have (32) Athletics and chest that is locked with a Subterfuge (34) check. It contains a nice spear. Once you've scaled the wall, and head right. Defeat the enemies here and then loot the chest that has a Subterfuge (24) check for some nice boots and armor. Then head into the courtyard and defeat the Vendrien Guard there. Once done, a brief dialogue will appear and you will then head into the Citadel Barracks.
  • Speak with Iron Marshal Erenyos if you are with the Disfavored, head east and kill the enemies there, claim the wall and get inside the walls. You will need to defeat enemy mages so Earthshakers can breach the wall. After the wall is breached, Iron Marshal Erenyos will lead her men to join you. Leave the location using the exit on the left, you will see that the Scarlet Chorus also found their way inside walls. The 2 legions will clash into eachother, which will leave you to take the citadel on your own.
  • If you sided with the Vendrien Guard, the front door is open, go right in and speak with Tarkis Arri. You will lose wrath and gain favor with the Vendrien Guard. You will need to defend the citadel from both legions. Before the battle starts Eb will offer to join your party. You will have to exit to the right side of the map to the Eastern Courtyard where some Disfavored made it through the wall and killed the Vendrien Guard Sages which will let the Earthshakers breach the wall with their magic. Iron Marshal Erenyos will come in you will gain wrath with both legions and you will have to defeat her. After defeating her, you can go outside the breach and fight more Disfavored soldiers fighting with the Vendrien Guard for experience. You will need to go back to the main entrance where the Scarlet Chorus will blow through the front gate, some will get in your way and others will go inside the citadel directly. Once you have defeated them you can go outside again and fight more or proceed inside to the Citadel Barracks.



Vendrien's Well Citadel Sub Areas


Notable NPCs




Notable Items

  • Tierforged Bronze Spear

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