Vendrien Guard is a Faction in Tyranny.


“When the realm of Apex fell to Kyros, the remnants of its most elite fighting force, the Vendrien Guard, refused to accept defeat. Composed of battle-hardened veterans and idealistic young adults too naïve to understand the meaning of hopelessness, the reborn Vendrien Guard are less a proper fighting force and more akin to a gaggle of desperate partisans.

Kyros' invasion of the Tiers is one of iron-age belligerents invading a weaker, bronze-age opponent, so it was important that the Vendrien Guard (being the player's first introduction to the Tiersmen) showcase lots of bronze armor that contrasts with the iron of the Disfavored.”


Vendrien Guard Information


Vendrien Guard Leader

Tarkis Arri is the leader of the Vendrien Guard.


Vendrien Guard Reputation

 Increasing your Reputation in either Vendrien Guard's Favor or Wrath meter will unlock powerful Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Actions That Increase

Reputation Unlocks


Saving innocent people, sparing Vendrien Guard or freeing them

(3) Champion's Valor

(5) Sun Spear


Killing people and executing Vendrien Guard

(3) Unnerving Presence

(5) Drain Strength


Vendrien Guard NPCs

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