Achievement Guide in Tyranny.


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A Slow Death Have Tarkis Demos executed in Edgering Ruins.
All You Survey Gain control of every Spire.
Arcanist Create a spell from all 11 schools of magic in a single playthrough.
Arsenal Acquire 5 Artifacts.
Bane of the Crossing Claim the Magebane Helm after defeating the Havoc inside the Oldwalls by Lethian's Crossing.
Boom  Distract the Forge-Bound Smith in Lethian's Crossing until he loses control of his magic.
Building a Reputation Gain your first Reputation Ability.
By Our Powers Combined Successfully use a combo ability with each Companion in the game.
Capstone Learn the last talent in any of the player's 6 talent trees.
Chaotic Victory (Act III) Complete the game without any allies.
Charismatic Reach maximum Favor with a faction.
Chorus of Victory (Act III) Complete the game as an ally of the Scarlet Chorus.
Correspondence Course Send your first Missive.
Cry Havoc! Defeat every Havoc in the game.
Day of Swords Allow Kyros' Day of Swords to arrive without taking Vendrien's Well.
Eternal Suffering  Keep Cairn alive, suffering from the effects of Kyros' Edict.
Exarch (Act II) Issue an Edict from the Mountain Spire, establishing yourself as an Exarch - a potential Archon.
Feel The Burn Destroy the Burning Library
Final Judgement Emerge victorious from your trial with Tunon the Adjudicator, forcing him to submit to your rule.
From the Shadows  Gain Bleden Mark's loyalty and have him turn on Tunon the Adjucator.
How the Mighty Have Fallen Defeat each of the Archons in a single playthrough of the game.
I Am The Law Become a seasoned adjudicator.
Inspiring Leader Reach maximum Loyalty with a Companion.
Intimidating Reach maximum Wrath with a faction.
Iron Victory Finish the game on Trial of Iron mode.
Lawyered Exploit a legal loophole to keep Amelia's baby alive.
Legendary Acquire an Artifact.
Legion of Victory (Act III) Complete the game as an ally of the Disfavored.
Look On My Works, Ye Mighty... Construct an upgrade on every Spire.
Loremaster Create a spell with a high Lore requirement.
Made To Be Broken Break all of Kyros' Edicts.
Magnetic Personality Recruit every Companion character in the game.
Master of Ascension (Act I) Lay claim to Ascension Hall in Kyros' name, ending the Overlord's Edict of Execution.
Might Makes Right Convince Graven Ashe to submit to your rule, swaying his allegiance from Kyros.
Overkill Acquire 10 Artifacts.
Perceptive Discover 25 hidden objects.
Savage Stone Survive the Rite of Savagery and Stone, joining the Stonestalker tribe.
Shattered Stone Kill Cairn while on the Anarchist Path.
Solo Performance  Spend some time alone in the brothel in Lethian's Crossing.
Some Assembly Required Construct an upgrade on one of your Spires.
Taking a Stand Claim Sentinel Stand Keep for yourself.
The Mountain Spire Gain control of the Mountain Spire in Vendrien's Well.
The Prosecution Rests  
This! Is! Tyranny! Kick someone off your Spire.
Tyrant Reach maximum Fear with a Companion.
Unconventional Materials Cut the rune from the Sage's chest in the Burning Library.
Victorious Alliance (Act III) Complete the game after forging an alliance among the rebel factions of the Tiers.
Victory of the Damned Finish the game on the Path of the Damned difficulty setting.
Zero Consumption Complete the game without ever using a Health Potion.

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