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Items Information


Name Effect Duration Crash Location
Adjudicator's Boots        
Adjudicator's Bracers        
Agent's Reports        
Alchemist's Gloves        
Alchemy Supplies        
Ambir Torchkey        
Amelia's Battle Standard        
Amith Torchkey        
Ancient Archon Robes        
Ardent Bronze Sword        
Artifact Research        
Ashe's Favor        
Ashe's Finery        
Ashen Cowl        
Assassin's Raiment        
Axe of the First Brother        
Azure Shield        
Azurelith Crystal Staff        
Azurelith Shard        
Bane Essence        
Banecaller's Manteau        
Banetouched Gauntlets        
Banetouched Staff        
Baneweave Shawl        
Banner of Ardent        
Barbed Fur Mantle        
Barbed Haubergeon        
Battered Bronze Brotherhood Armor        
Battered Helm        
Battle-Worn Torc        
Beastblood Pollen        
Beastman Claw        
Beastmen Fang        
Beastwoman Claw        
Bent Bronze Dagger        
Bent Bronze Sword        
Binding Oath        
Binding of Shadows        
Bindings of Shadows        
Blackened Iron Choker        
Bleakwalker's Emblem        
Blood Chanter's Spine        
Blood Hound Fist Wraps        
Blood Hound Hood        
Blood Hound Leathers        
Blood Hound Sandals        
Blood Stone        
Blood-soaked Boots        
Blood-Soaked Mantle        
Bloodchanter Bracers        
Bloodchanter Leathers        
Bloodchanter Sandals        
Bloodchanter Staff        
Bloodstained Map        
Bloody Fabric        
Bloody Scarlet Fury Armor        
Bloody Scarlet Fury Boots        
Bloody Scarlet Fury Leather Gauntlets        
Bright Keystone        
Broken Armor        
Broken Axe        
Broken Bow        
Broken Dagger        
Broken Dha        
Broken Disfavored Buckler        
Broken Falx        
Broken Hammer        
Broken Helmet        
Broken Hilt        
Broken Javelin        
Broken Maw        
Broken Shield        
Broken Skull Mask        
Broken Spear        
Broken Staff        
Bronze Axe        
Bronze Bracers        
Bronze Brotherhood Armor        
Bronze Brotherhood Axe        
Bronze Brotherhood Bracers        
Bronze Brotherhood Greataxe        
Bronze Brotherhood Greaves        
Bronze Brotherhood Helm        
Bronze Brotherhood Mace        
Bronze Brotherhood Map        
Bronze Brotherhood Warhammer        
Bronze Bulwark        
Bronze Dagger        
Bronze Dao Sword        
Bronze Dha        
Bronze Greataxe        
Bronze Greatsword        
Bronze Halberd        
Bronze Hammer        
Bronze Ingot        
Bronze Javelin        
Bronze Katar        
Bronze Mace        
Bronze Shortsword        
Bronze Shotel        
Bronze Spear        
Bronze Sword        
Bronze Tabar Axe        
Bronze Throwing Dagger        
Bronze Tower Shield        
Bronze Warmace        
Brotherhood Stout        
Bucket of Water        
Burnt Missive        
Caedis's Family Armlet        
Cairn's Leaf        
Camping Supplies        
Cap of Absorption        
Cap of Precision        
Censor's Grip        
Ceremonial Fatebinder of Tunon Armor        
Ceremonial Fatebinder of Tunon Boots        
Ceremonial Fatebinder of Tunon Gloves        
Ceremonial Fatebinder of Tunon Headwrap        
Ceremonial Fatebinder of Tunon Helm        
Ceremonial Fatebinder of Tunon Hood        
Champion's Medallion        
Char-Coated Leather Girdle        
Charcoal Rubbing        
Charcoal Rubbing (Aurora Spire)        
Charcoal Rubbing (Ocean Spire)        
Charcoal Rubbing (Sunset Spire)        
Chronicler's Eye        
Chunk of Mysterious Metal        
Citren Torchkey        
Cleansing Charm        
Cloth Bracers        
Cloth Footwraps        
Cloth Garb        
Cloth Handwraps        
Cloth Hat        
Cloth Hood        
Cloth Sash        
Cloth Tunic        
Cold Keystone        
Combined Parchment        
Commander's Chain        
Commander's Plate        
Commander's Will        
Completed Passphrase        
Counted Glory        
Coward's Contingency        
Cowl of Disbelief        
Crashing Thunder        
Creeping Dusk        
Crescent Runner Armor        
Crimson Greatspear        
Crimson Spear Armor        
Crimson Spear Boots        
Crimson Spear Gauntlets        
Crimson Spear Helm        
Crimson Studded Leather Gloves        
Crude Map        
Crumpled Missive        
CUT - Lethian's Crossing Artifact        
CUT - Welby's Notes        
Damaged Bronze Greatsword        
Damaged Leather Shield        
Damaged Medal        
Damp Mission Report        
Damp Note        
DEBUG Blade of Assuring Quality        
DEBUG Bow of Assuring Quality        
Deya's Necklace        
Dire Remedy        
Discordant Melody        
Disfavored Banner        
Disfavored Bracer        
Disfavored Iron Spear        
Disfavored Iron Sword        
Disfavored Javelin        
Disfavored Patrol Map        
Disfavored Shield        
Drowsy Drop        
Dusk Claw        
Dusty Missive        
Dying Wish        
Earth Crusted Pendant        
Earthshaker Gloves        
Earthshaker Hood        
Earthshaker Robes        
Earthshaker Sandals        
Earthshaker Staff        
Earthshaker Staff Fragment        
Earthshaker's Gift        
Echocall Crossing Food Supplies        
Edict Research        
Edict: Edict of Malediction        
Elder-Teeth Necklace        
Elegant Heirloom Necklace        
Elegant Staff        
Elixir of Finesse        
Elixir of Might        
Elixir of Quickness        
Elixir of Resolve        
Elixir of Vitality        
Elixir of Wits        
Emberglow Hood        
Emerald Pin        
Emir Torchkey        
Enchanted Cloth Slippers        
Eojah's Calling        
Etched Wooden Charm        
Face of Judgment        
Faithful Promise        
Fatebinder of Tunon Armor        
Fatebinder of Tunon Boots        
Fatebinder of Tunon Gloves        
Fatebinder of Tunon Headwrap        
Fatebinder of Tunon Helm        
Fatebinder of Tunon Hood        
Fatebinder of Tunon Shield        
Fatebinder's Seal        
Fatebinder's Shield        
Fatebinder's Signet        
Fatiguing Toxin        
Fiend's Eye        
Fifth Eye's Mask        
Final Scream        
Fire-Eye Stone        
First Sage Arwel's Directives        
First Sage's Note        
First Stone of Elucidation        
Flayman's Spike        
Forge-Bound Apprentice Armor        
Forge-Bound Apprentice Boots        
Forge-Bound Apprentice Gauntlets        
Forge-Bound Hammer        
Forge-Bound Iron Ingots        
Forge-Bound Master Armor        
Forge-Bound Master Boots        
Forge-Bound Master Gauntlets        
Forge-Bound Shipment        
Forge-Bound Tools        
Fractured Iron Sword        
Fragment of a Bloodchanter's Cloak        
Fragment of Cairn        
Fragment of Cairn's Arm        
Fragment of Cairn's Eye        
Fragment of Cairn's Head        
Fragment of Cairn's Heart        
Fragment of Cairn's Left Hand        
Fragment of Cairn's Right Hand        
Frayed Purple Cloth        
Frozen Shackle        
Fused Iron Armor        
Fused Iron Boots        
Fused Iron Gauntlets        
Fused Iron Helmet        
Gambler's Treads        
Garn Torchkey        
General's Gauntlets        
General's Greaves        
General's Guard        
Gentle Touch        
Gino's Ear        
Glory Seeker's Leathers        
Gnarled Staff of Entropy        
Greater Healing Potion        
Greystone Shield        
Grizzly Hide Boots        
Grounding Garbs        
Hammer of Sunder        
Harbinger's Wings        
Harchiand Bronze Promissory Note        
Hardy Headgear        
Harm's Way        
Harvested Azurelith Crystals        
Hawk Eye Helm        
Healing Potion        
Heart of Battle        
Heart's Blood        
Heavy Bronze Armor        
Heavy Bronze Boots        
Heavy Bronze Crested Helm        
Heavy Bronze Cuirass        
Heavy Bronze Ridge Helm        
Heavy Cloth Armor        
Heavy Cloth Boots        
Heavy Cloth Bracers        
Heavy Cloth Cowl        
Heavy Cloth Sandals        
Heavy Cloth Shoes        
Heavy Keystone        
Heavy Leather Armor        
Heavy Leather Boots        
Heavy Leather Bracers        
Heavy Leather Gloves        
Heavy Leather Helm        
Helm of the First Regent        
Helm of the Fish        
Herbalist's Mits        
Hermit's Walking Stick        
Hero's Insignia        
Hierarch's Robes        
Honor Guard's Bronze Falx        
Horde Boots        
Horde Bracers        
Hound's Hide Mantle        
House Seal        
Human Meat        
Humming Keystone        
Hundred Blood's Claw        
Imbued Rod of Strength        
Impending Darkness        
Imperial Bronze Ring        
Imperial Copper Ring        
Imperial Iron Falcata        
Imperial Iron Ring        
Incomplete Charcoal Rubbing (Aurora Spire)        
Incomplete Charcoal Rubbing (Dawning Spire)        
Incomplete Charcoal Rubbing (Ocean Spire)        
Incomplete Charcoal Rubbing (Sunset Spire)        
Incomplete Passcode        
Ink-Stirring Pole        
Inquisitor's Boots        
Inquisitor's Gloves        
Inquisitor's Helm        
Inspirited Elder Teeth Necklace        
Interrogator's Outfit        
Irentis' Notes        
Iron Armor        
Iron Axe        
Iron Boots        
Iron Brand        
Iron Breastplate        
Iron Cuirass        
Iron Dagger        
Iron Gauntlets        
Iron Glaive        
Iron Greataxe        
Iron Greatspear        
Iron Greatsword        
Iron Greaves        
Iron Guard Armor        
Iron Guard Boots        
Iron Guard Gauntlets        
Iron Guard Greatsword        
Iron Guard Helm        
Iron Halberd        
Iron Hammer        
Iron Heater Shield        
Iron Helm        
Iron Ingot        
Iron Javelin        
Iron Katar        
Iron Mace        
Iron Marshal's Heirloom Blade        
Iron Pole        
Iron Ridge Helm        
Iron Sabatons        
Iron Spear        
Iron Sword        
Iron Throwing Dagger        
Iron Walker Armor        
Iron Walker Boots        
Iron Walker Gauntlets        
Iron Walker Helm        
Iron Walker's Crest        
Iron Warhammer        
Iron Warmace        
Ironfoot Knockers        
Item Research        
Jagged Remedy's Orders        
Jagged Remedy's Thirst        
Jewel of Fortune        
Juggler's Gloves        
Keen Eye Facewrap        
Kyros' Edict        
Lanara's Relent        
Lantry's Quill        
Leather Buckler        
Lesser Healing Potion        
Lesser Staff of Atrophy        
Lesser Staff of Boreal Frost        
Lesser Staff of Storm's Heart        
Lesser Staff of Titans        
Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls Keystone        
Lethian's Oldwalls White Beacon Crystal        
Liberating Handwraps        
Lieutenant's Scar-Pitted Breastplate        
Lifeblood Signet        
Light Bronze Armor        
Light Bronze Boots        
Light Bronze Ridge Helm        
Light Leather Boots        
Light Leather Gauntlets        
Light Leather Gloves        
Light Leather Helm        
Light Leather Vest        
Litany of Incandescence        
Locke's Token        
Locked Iron Gauntlets        
Lohara's Pride        
Longclaw's Rage        
Lorebook Artifact        
Magebane Helm        
Magic Potion        
Magic Research        
Magician's Mantle        
Manteau of Mirrors        
Maric's Blackened Spear        
Mark of the Tribe        
Mending Grips        
Merchant Tunic        
Merchant's Boots        
Merchant's Bracers        
Merchant's Hat        
Message for Locke, Artifact Location        
Mindless Fury        
Mindrot Venom        
Mindstatic Torc        
Mirrored Stompers        
Missive from Graven Ashe        
Momentum Gauntlets        
Mysterious Missive        
Necklace of Arbitration        
Nerat's Scepter        
Nightwalker Coif        
Nightwalker's Boots        
Noble Purpose        
Nobleman's Bracers        
Nobleman's Hat        
Nobleman's Sandals        
Nobleman's Tunic        
Noggin Protector        
Note from Iron Guard Vintara        
Numbing Agent        
Oath Bound Armor        
Oath Bound Boots        
Oath Bound Dagger        
Oath Bound Gloves        
Oath Bound Helm        
Oath Bound Lieutenant's Leathers        
Oath Bound Throwing Knife        
Obsidian Fragment        
Occon's Bronze Sword        
Oldwalls Keystone        
Path of Roses        
Periapt of Secrets        
Petrified Grand-Staff        
Petrified Spine Totem        
Piece of Cairn's Arm        
Piece of Cairn's Eye        
Piece of Cairn's Head        
Piece of Cairn's Heart        
Piece of Cairn's Left Hand        
Piece of Cairn's Right Hand        
Piece of Rubble        
Pillar of Courage        
Plans: Crashing Thunder        
Plans: Deathbringer        
Plans: Headhunter        
Plans: Heart's Blood        
Plans: Hierarch's Robes        
Plans: Locked Iron Gauntlet        
Plans: Scales of Mercy        
Plans: Skorn        
Plans: Snowfang        
Plans: The Baneward        
Plans: Zeal        
Potion of Armor        
Potion of Elemental Barrier        
Potion of Heroes        
Potion of Invisibility        
Potion of Protection        
Potion of Regeneration        
Potion of Revival        
Pride of the Forgotten        
Pyrestring Bow        
Quartermaster's Scales        
Quickfinger Bangles        
Raven Shawl        
Raw Meat        
Recipe: Azurebell        
Recipe: Cairn's Leaf        
Recipe: Dire Remedy        
Recipe: Fatiguing Toxin        
Recipe: Greater Healing Potion        
Recipe: Marshberry        
Recipe: Oldwater        
Recipe: Potion of Heroes        
Recipe: Potion of Invisibility        
Recipe: Potion of Revival        
Recipe: Rotspear        
Recipe: Sableroot        
Recipe: Skycap        
Recipe: Staggering Burn        
Recipe: Swig of Insight        
Recipe: Vagrant's Chaw        
Recipe: Waking Death        
Red Moss Poultice        
Red Rivers        
Reforged Arm of Cairn        
Reforged Eye of Cairn        
Reforged Head of Cairn        
Reforged Heart of Cairn        
Reforged Left Hand of Cairn        
Reforged Right Hand of Cairn        
Rending Edge        
Rending Hound's Hide        
Rending-Hound Trophy Necklace        
Research Notes        
Research: Dagger Plans        
Research: Drug Recipe        
Research: Magic Sigil        
Research: Poison Recipe        
Research: Potion Recipe        
Research: Shield Plans        
Rho Torchkey        
Ring Counter's Seal        
Robes of the Adjudicator        
Rock-Laden Shackles        
Rockbiter Vambraces        
Rule of Law        
Rune-Etched Buckler        
Rust Charm        
Rust Coated Bangle        
Rusted Iron Sword        
Rusted Key        
Saedis's Family Armlet        
Sage Scroll Fragment        
Sage Torven's Notes        
Sage's Boots        
Sage's Enigma        
Sage's Gloves        
Sage's Hood        
Sage's Journal Entry        
Sage's Robes        
Sanguine Scroll        
Saphir Torchkey        
Scales of Mercy        
Scarlet Chorus Banner        
Scarlet Chorus Leather Armor        
Scarlet Fury Armor        
Scarlet Fury Boots        
Scarlet Fury Gloves        
Scarlet Fury Helm        
Scarlet Fury Scythe        
Scarlet Notebook        
Scarlet Poison        
Scavenger Leather Armor        
Scavenger Leather Boots        
Scavenger Leather Gloves        
Scavenger Logbook        
Scavenger Mask        
Scholar's Boots        
Scholar's Gloves        
Scholar's Robes        
Scouting Report        
Scribbled Map        
Scrivener's Eye        
Scroll Fragment        
Scroll of Magical Knowledge        
Scroll of Testing        
Scroll: Sigil of Acid (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Atrophy (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Bleeding (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Dazing (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Deflecting (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Fire (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Force (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Frost (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Frostfire (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Illusion (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Impact (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Lightning (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Marking (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Passion (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Phasing (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Piercing (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Regeneration (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Rooting (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Spellsurge (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Stone (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Strength (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Stunning (Accent)        
Scroll: Sigil of Terratus (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Vigor (Core)        
Scroll: Sigil of Volleys (Accent)        
Sender Cade Kill Order        
Shadowy Garbs        
Shadowy Grips        
Shard of Pure Azurelith        
Shattered Glass Vial        
Shattered Iron Spaulder        
Shattered Iron Sword        
Shattered Stone Shield        
Shrieking Maw        
Sign of the Meet        
Silken Gloves        
Silver Necklace        
Singed Scarlet Chorus Report        
Sky Blade Javelin        
Sky Piercer        
Slugfist Gauntlets        
Small Bottle        
Softstep Heelwraps        
Songbird's Bridle        
Songbird's Cloth Wraps        
Songbird's Dress        
Songbird's Gloves        
Songstress' Dress        
Sorcerer's Blade        
Special Distillates        
Spidersilk Sash        
Spiked Iron Helm        
Staff of Atrophy        
Staff of Boreal Frost        
Staff of Cairn        
Staff of Enigma        
Staff of Hours        
Staff of Storm's Heart        
Staff of Titans        
Staggering Burn        
Stalker's Leather Boots        
Stalwart Bronze Sword        
Stalwart Greataxe        
Stalwart Helm        
Steadfast Insignia        
Stone of Elucidation        
Stone Shield Armor        
Stone Shield Boots        
Stone Shield Gloves        
Stone Shield Helm        
Stone Shield Tower Shield        
Storyteller's Manteau        
Strange Charcoal Rubbing        
Striderunner's Heels        
Striker's Cowl        
Stubborn Aegis        
Studded Iron Gorget        
Sturdy Metal Pole        
Sun Soldier's Javelin        
Sun Soldier's Shield        
Sundered Bronze Sword        
Surefoot Scale Greaves        
Sureshot Slippers        
Swig of Insight        
Swine Herder        
Symbol of Resistance        
Tangleroot Braid        
Tattered Journal        
Temp Lore Scroll        
The Baneward        
The Everwell        
The First Kings of Stalwart        
The Silent Archive        
Thieves' Bravado        
Tidecaster's Boots        
Tidecaster's Garments        
Tidecaster's Gloves        
Tidecaster's Opal        
Tierforged Bronze Greatspear        
Tierforged Bronze Spear        
Tiersman Greatbow        
Tiersman Hunting Bow        
Tiersman Spine Bow        
Tireless Protector        
Titan's Blade        
Titan's Hoof        
Titan's Knuckle        
Torn Leather Spaulder        
Torn Piece of Parchment        
Trapper's Folly        
Trickster's Tooth        
Twice-Forged Bronze Shirt        
Twice-Warded Periapt        
Twisted Iron Sword        
Unbroken Armor        
Unbroken Banner Fragment        
Unbroken banner fragment        
Unbroken Boots        
Unbroken Gauntlets        
Unbroken Helm        
Unbroken Legacy        
Unbroken Shield        
Unraveler's Cane        
Unstoppable Force        
Used Armorer's Kit        
Vagrant's Chaw        
Vanguard's Uprise        
Vendrien Bow        
Vendrien Guard Bronze Dagger        
Vendrien Guard Bronze Dha        
Vendrien Guard Heavy Bronze Armor        
Vendrien Guard Heavy Bronze Gauntlets        
Vendrien Guard Heavy Bronze Greaves        
Vendrien Guard Heavy Bronze Helmet        
Vendrien Guard Light Bronze Armor        
Vendrien Guard Light Bronze Gauntlets        
Vendrien Guard Light Bronze Greaves        
Vendrien Guard Light Bronze Helmet        
Vial of Poison        
Waking Death        
Warrens Shortbow        
Warrior's Girdle        
Wave's Crest        
Weeping Wound        
Weighted Dagger        
Weightless Iron Shackle        
Wild Scale        
Writ of Execution        
Wrought in Ruin        

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