New Player Help is a page dedicated to assisting inexperienced or new players in progressing through the world of Tyranny. In this guide, you will find tips on how to get started, what pages to check out to learn basic mechanics, and how to approach character progression.


New Player Help Guide

Character creation

How to choose a difficulty?
There are several difficulty and mode selections, ranging from "story" to "perma-death". Your choices affect gameplay but there are no in-game story ramifications to your selected difficulty. Details are provided in the character creation page.

See the Tutorials page for general how-tos and easy searching of game mechanics and tips.


How to choose your background?
You are a Fatebinder, a minion to a powerful Archon. Your choices of background will affect many game progress flags, so it is advisable to learn about them to ensure they match your objectives and playstyle. Dialogue and diplomacy options will vary accordingly. You will also have to choose your primary and secondary expertise, giving you access to:

How to choose during Conquest?
Conquest mode gives you the ability to tailor your character's actions leading to the events of the game Tyranny. Your choices will then affect how things play out during your gameplay. For example if you choose to allow time for people to escape the city before reading the deadly Edict, the enemy faction will know you as honorable. The outcomes are listed on the Reputation page.


Character Builds & Combat

Depending on your difficulty settings, you may find combat challenging. We have dedicated the builds page for players to add their own suggestions on how to create efficient builds. The game does give you plenty of tips to guide you in the right direction as well. The Combat page has detailed information on how mechanics work.

You will also be able to build a party, so you can tailor your chosen companions to be complimentary to your role. This will also allow you to execute special companion combos.


Game Progress & Questing

Tyranny presents the player with multiple choices and outcomes, spanning across multiple scenarios. We have a dedicated Game Progress Route, that outlines a generic path to follow, and a Walkthrough that refers to specific to-dos for each possible allegiance the player may take. If you are having troubles with a quest, visit the Quests page, or consult the NPCs list to see if there are details on how to approach scenarios or how many points are needed to succeed checks.

You will want to look at Factions and Companions pages to understand the possible impact of your choices.

It is advisable that you talk to NPCs and your companions in your party whenever you enter a region - they will have new things to say based on your Reputation with them.


Game Locations & Lore

Tyranny presents the player with rich in-game descriptions of most events, as well as a detailed quest and chat log. You can find information on the locations page, and we are expanding the wiki with a full Glossary and rich lore entries.



The key to the game's power is the creation of your bases in Spires. Read all you need to know about them on the Spires page. Upgrades are as follows:

  • Infirmary: At the infirmary you can brew your own potions and poisons for your party.
  • Library: At the library you can have recruits research hidden lore on Sigils and Artifacts. This is useful for players interested in Spell Creation.
  • Forge: At the forge you can improve your Weapons and Armor and create unique Artifacts.
  • Training Grounds: Here, you can train yours and your party members' Skills to their highest rans.

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