Spell Creation in Tyranny is the process by which players can create new Spells

You will find items called Sigils as you explore and combine to create new and unique spell effects. The Core Sigil defines the spell, such as its element like fire or lightning. Then you determine the spell's expression such as touch or range. The interaction of these 2 features determines the spell's icon. Additional items called Accent Sigils modify the spell such as altering its area of effect and these need a specific lore value to apply the effect. You will have to develop your character to make it effective. Enhancements modify the spell further, such as adding extra jolts of damage to a spell.

Spells you craft can be renamed and given different icons. Each character has slots for spells. As you level up you can add Talents that increase your spell slots.


Core Sigils are a type of Sigil in Tyranny. They are used in Spell Creation to determine the main type or element of spell being created. There are 11 Core Sigils in Tyranny.


 Core Sigils







Expression Sigils in Tyranny are a type of Sigil that is used to decide how the energy of a spell is formed.


Expression Sigils





Accent Sigils in Tyranny is not a necessary part of a Spell, however they can add addtional touch to a spell, like increase its range.


Accent Sigils














Area of Effect















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