Fatebinders are the agents of Tunon, one of the Archons that enforce the will of Kyros across the land, and the group that the player character belongs to. Each Archon is granted limited autonomy over their area of control. As long as they serve Kyros' goals and do not break any of the Overlord's laws, Kyros permits the Archons to rule their armies and provinces in a manner of their choosing. Because of this, the Archons and the groups they control will often clash with one another. The Fatebinders were created by Tunon the Adjudicator, Archon of Justice, to solve these problems and as the player character, you serve him directly.

As a Fatebinder and servant of Tunon, it is your duty to resolve disputes that arise between the different armies and mage guilds. You decide whose actions are best in line with Kyros' laws, mediate where you can, and order punishments – and executions – where required. Any citizen in Kyros' Empire can appeal to a Fatebinder for judgment, even if their problem doesn't involve a dispute between factions. Doing so is dangerous, as a Fatebinder's judgments cannot be appealed and some Binders deal harshly with those who bother them for trivial complaints.


Fatebinders Information


At character creation, you will make several choices that impact your Fatebinder. You will select their Background which determines the fate of the land. You will also make choices on Attributes, Skills and Talents that will begin to determine your playstyle.


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