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Patches Information Patch Notes - 12/19/16

Quest Fixes (Contains Spoilers)

  • Retroactively fixed saves that were unable to turn in "Language of the Ancients" quest.
  • Welby can be defeated at Twin Rivers.
  • "Search and Rescue" will no longer become stuck when selecting specific dialog options with Stone-Warden.
  • Applied a retroactive change to saves that had been stuck on the "Search and Rescue" quest as per the above note.
  • All of the Chorus characters holding Plainsgate or Halfgate should be hostile if the player travels there during the climax of the Stone Sea region while hostile to the Chorus.
  • Isadora will now recognize that a player has resolved the Gulfglow situation, even if they're Prima of the Stonestalkers.
  • Gate from Unbroken camp in Rust Canyons will now open after defeating the Unbroken on the Disfavored path.
  • Clarified Act 3 objective to defend Lethian's Crossing, for players allied with the Vendrien Guard, must be completed before traveling to Iron Hearth or Cacophony.
  • Graven Ashe will no longer submit to the player's authority before the player deals with Voices of Nerat.
  • Clarified information given by the resonator atop Mountain Spire, to players allied with the Vendrien Guard, during "The Armies in the North" quest.
  • Red-Fang should always be present in the Gulfglow Runic Hall for players not aligned with any faction.
  • Unbroken guards at Trapper's Junction no longer perish if not in combat with the player.
  • Octave now appears in Howling Rock for all Scarlet Chorus Players
  • Trial of Blood now correctly updates when the quest is complete.

Text Fixes

  • Many typos found by the community have been fixed
  • Removed some errant text that appeared in the combat log in the Blade Grave Oldwalls.
  • Corrected text in the companion AI menu that referred to the old name for an ability.
  • Companions won't suggest the player use an item they don't actually have when solving a puzzle in the Blade Grave Oldwalls.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Numerous changes to Lethian's Crossing to clarify flow through the area
  • Players can now leave the Forest of Stone.
  • 'On Hit' auto-pause option will no longer trigger when allies are hit by friendly effects.
  • Verse's conversation can be advanced if she's recruited in Act 2.
  • Fifth Eye, Iron Marshal Erenyos, and Tarkis Arri are no longer standing at the base of the Mountain Spire if killed during the climax of act 1.
  • Blood Mulch no longer gives multiple copies of the Sigil of Blood.
  • Rumalan can no longer be targeted before the drawbridge at Sentinel Stand Keep has been lowered.
  • Mortally-wounded Sage in the first level of the Burning Library ruins will actually die when the text says he does.
  • Spire research and crafting will no longer get stuck on certain items.
  • Sirin can now be recruited if player initially rejects her in their first dialog with her.

Art Changes

  • Sword Breaker is no longer lime green.

Programming Updates

  • Path of the Damned Achievement will now be rewarded on completion of the game in that mode.
  • Verse will no longer become stuck after using certain abilities. Patch Notes - 11/30/16

Quest Fixes

  • Allied faction representatives should be present in Ascension Hall toward the end of the game when sided with the rebel groups, regardless of if you have responded to Bleden Mark.
  • The battle with Nerat will end properly after his ending speech if you choose to engage him in battle.
  • "Armies of the North" should now be given to you after killing Nerat last.
  • Players who kill Bleden Mark and then earn Tunon's submission will no longer be offered fealty by the ghost of Bleden Mark.
  • "That Which Remains" will update appropriately when shooting the winch and defeating the Unbroken enemies.
  • The Forge in Lethian's Crossing is open after traversing the Oldwalls and returning to Lethian's Crossing.
  • While on "In the Shadow of the Oldwall", Welby should appear in the proper location in Twin Rivers.
  • "At Any Cost" will progress appropriately if you have become the Prima of the Stonestalkers before betraying your alliances and continuing forward without any allied factions.
  • Bleden Mark's conversations will continue appropriately even when you have the same level of Wrath and Favor with the Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus.
  • Oath Bound units can be engaged properly in Duskwatch.
  • Red Fang will talk to the player after a player allied with the Scarlet Chorus betrays their alliance and goes to Gulfglow looking for the Azure Shield.
  • Acalia will progress the "Language of the Ancients" quest after moving from Effigy to the Burning Library.
  • Kallion remembers the state of his sister at the end of "Blind Ambition."
  • Non-combat dialog choices withKalea now grant the "Blind Ambition" quest as well.
  • Player who betrayed Jagged Remedy can now advance quest "Bound by Blade" by attacking Mattias in Trapper's Junction.
  • Osmios will no longer kill Agathon in "Into the Maelstrom."
  • Players who recruited multiple factions due to an earlier issue can now progress using their existing save.
  • Stonestalkers will help player seeking their alliance fight Earthshakers in Howling Rock.
  • Earthshakers now attempt to continue ritual during raid on their Howling Rock fortress.
  • Garrick no longer thanks player for stealing his tools.
  • Eb will no longer tell a player who betrayed the rebels which rebel groups they might recruit.
  • Irentis and his soldiers will now aid an allied player who chose to help him in fighting the Scarlet Chorus.
  • An objective in the quest "Forge-Bound Iron" no longer incorrectly refers to the defeat of Matani Sybil.
  • During the Battle of Duskwatch, Agathon will have friends when fighting players allied with the Disfavored.

Text Fixes

  • Numerous typos addressed.
  • Multiple localization improvements.
  • Ulantis text finalized.
  • Clarified tooltip for Eb's "Purifying Waters" ability.
  • Clarified tooltip for Sirin's "Song of Benediction" ability.

Gameplay Fixes

  • Multiple crashes reported by the community should no longer occur.
  • Multiple instances of loot containers that previously did not appear lootable now do.
  • Numerous minor fixes to enemy presentation in specific scenes.
  • Player can now use skills to release Disfavored in Rust Canyons.
  • Liberating Plainsgate from the Chorus now requires killing all members of that faction present.
  • The World Map is accessible from Ironhaul Trail while allied with the Disfavored.
  • Eb's "Terratus Embrace" ability will exit properly if companions try to switch weapons while in mid-air.
  • Eb will speak with player in Act 3 even if she doesn't particularly like them.
  • Sirin will no longer forget Songs when loading a save.

Audio Fixes

  • Numerous new audio cues added throughout game.
  • Correct music will now play after defeating a specific enemy.

Interface Fixes

  • Saves should always be visible in save menu.
  • Added portraits to the store menu of several vendors.
  • Halfgate will no longer be referred to as Plainsgate in the Reputation Menu.

Programming Updates

  • Reduced significant animation memory overhead.
  • Improved asynchronous loading of files at startup.

Art Book Update

  • A typo has been fixed in an art book heading. Patch Notes - 11/18/16

Quest Fixes:

Gameplay Fixes:

  • Verse will now revive if the player dismisses her while she was unconscious.
  • Characters will now properly transition from being suspended in air when swapping their active weapon set.
  • Lantry will now grant healing magic to the player in the second act after agreeing earlier.
  • Invisibility potions will now wear off when leveling up while invisible.
  • Sirin's stanza durations should now remain at the proper timing. If her stanza duration has already been reduced, those saves will not be changed.
  • Companions will now auto-attack when companion AI is enabled and no weapons are equipped.

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    • Anonymous

      I wish there was a way to change my mind about the stone archon ritual during the quest, after learning what exactly it entails (such as betraying alliance after talking to Ashe, or even messing it up without breaking alliance, by purposefully failing to realign the staffs after the choir pulls them out - I actually rested there to see if there is a time limit to reestablish the ritual, and was dissapointed that there wasn't.)

      • Anonymous

        Good patching so far.

        You might consider making Path of the Damned harder in the mid- to late-game. Currently it is super easy after about level 9.

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