Bronze Brotherhood is a faction in Tyranny.


“The Bronze Brotherhood are the last of the Free Cities mercenaries to survive Kyros' invasion of the Tiers, which is something of a dubious distinction considering the Brotherhood survived the war by taking a contract with the enemy. Now the last of a centuries-old tradition, the warriors who make up the current company have no home under the new regime, and few friends amongst their own kind.

As career warriors who take the study of violence quite earnestly, the Brotherhood worship and admire the Scourges. While sane human beings live in fear of these magical monsters, these sellswords find inspiration in the Scourges' rage and tenacity, and you'll see the Scourge face and talons used as visual elements in the Brotherhood's weapons and armor.”


Bronze Brotherhood Information


Bronze Brotherhood Leader

Raetomonnon is the leader of the Bronze Brotherhood.


Bronze Brotherhood Reputation

Increasing your Reputation in either Bronze Brotherhood's Favor or Wrath meter will unlock powerful Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Actions That Increase

Reputation Unlocks


Resolving in their favor in disputes, trying to aid them when they are in trouble

(3) Mighty Blows

(5) Aura of Rage


Attacking them, resolving disputes against them

(3) Indomitable

(5) Intimidate


Bronze Brotherhood NPCs

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