Controls in Tyranny are covered on this page.


Controls Information

Tyranny is a team-based RPG and you need to control all your Companions during battles, or you can turn on the companions AI, but that will be less effective.

You pause any time in a battle to plan your strategy and assign orders.



Select Left Click  
Move Left Click  
Interact Left Click  
Attack Left Click  
Cancel Action X  
Rotate Formation Right Click  
Stealth Toggle L.Alt R.Alt
Stealth On    
Stealth Off    
Select First Party Member F1  
Select Second Party Member F2  
Select Third Party Member F3  
Select Fourth Party Member F4  
Select All Party Members F5 Backspace



Highlight Tab  
Hightlight Toggle    
Slow Toggle Num_-  
Fast Toggle Num_+  
Restore Speed    
Pause Spacebar  
Quicksave F6  
Quickload F8  
Pan Camera Left A  
Pan Camera Right D  
Pan Camera Up W  
Pan Camera Down S  
Pan Camera Mouse_2  
Zoom In Q  
Zoom Out E  
Reset Zoom    



Toggle HUD Ctrl+H  
Next Tab Tab  
Toggle Console `  
Select Previous Character    
Select Next Character    
Switch Weapon Set    
Take All L  
Lock Tooltip Target Right Click  
Next Log Tab ,  
Toggle Log/Minimap Visibility .  
Maximize Log Size M  
Hotkey 1 1  
Hotkey 2 2  
Hotkey 3 3  
Hotkey 4 4  
Hotkey 5 5  
Hotkey 6 6  
Hotkey 7 7  
Hotkey 8 8  
Hotkey 9 9  
Hotkey 10 0  
Clear Hotkey Delete  



Character Sheet C  
Formations F  
Inventory I  
Journal J  
Spire H  
Area Map    
In-Game Menu Esc  
Spell Creation P  
Missives V  
World Map    
Talents T  


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