Reputation is a game mechanic in Tyranny. As the game progresses, players will make choices that affect their standings with different Factions as well as Party Members and Archons. Reputation is tracked via Factions, Companions and NPCs and by Archons. You can mouse over characters to see your rep progress. When it comes to your impacts on other characters you gain reputation towards loyalty or fear. Raising the meters in either results in unlocking some powerful combo Abilities. When it comes to factions, you increase reputation in either favor or wrath. Maxing these meters will unlock some powerful abilities or passives.



Character Reputation



Faction Reputation



Artifact Renown



Archon Reputation


Archon  Favor Unlocks Wrath Unlocks
Tunon the Adjudicator    
Graven Ashe    
The Voices of Nerat    
Bleden Mark    


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