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Barik is a Companion in Tyranny. Barik is the quintessential Disfavored soldier. He embodies all of the rigid and uncompromising values that Graven Ashe's iron legion holds dear. He's polite, respectful of authority, and doggedly intolerant of anyone born outside of the Overlord's long shadow.


Barik Combat Role

Barik is designed to serve as a much-needed shield to protect the party from danger. Barik stands in the front line, engaging enemies, taunting them into attacking him, and being a damage sink to keep the rest of the party alive.


Recruiting Barik

  • Barik is at Disfavored camp, next to Iron Marshal Erenyos. You can recruit him once you have meet the Archons and ready to help Disfavored in The Battle of Echocall Crossing.


Barik Abilities

  • Striking Iron: A strong slashing attack that deals increased damage if the target is actively engaging Barik in combat.
  • Stance Phalanx: Barik ‘hunkers down' into a defensive stance, hiding his body behind his shield. While in this stance, Barik gains a bonus to Armor making him significantly more capable of weathering damage from enemy attacks.
  • Engagement Attack: A passive ability that grants Barik a free attack on any enemy who engages him.
  • Defender's Charge: Barik leaps to an ally's side, taunting nearby enemies into attacking him.
  • Blade's Embrace: As Barik adventures with the Fatebinder, he gains control over the bronze and iron prison that confines him. With this ability, Barik is able to command the weapons in his armor to strike out at nearby targets, dealing increased damage to anyone who is activately engaging him.


Barik Talent Trees

  • Sentinel: focuses on allowing him to maintain control on the battlefield while increasing the amount of damage he can absorb.
  • Punisher: transforms him into a warrior of retribution, excelling at slaying foes that dare to stand against him.



Barik Reputation 

Increasing your Reputation in either Barik's Fear or Loyalty meter will unlock powerful combo Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Reputation  Actions That Increase Reputation Unlocks
Fear   (3) Blade Grave's Grasp
Loyalty Be noble, respect chain of command, praise Disfavoured (3) Iron Storm



  • At Loyalty 2, talking to Barik can get him to teach you 5 ranks in Two-Handed Skills.
  • At Loyalty 3, talking to Barik can get a combo ability Arrow Storm with Verse, if Verse has at least Loyalty 3.
  • In Bastard's Wound, Barik will receive his personal quests The Weight of Aegis and Never Free

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