The Weight of Aegis

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The Weight of Aegis is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Speak with Barik
  2. Petition Tunon on Barik's behalf
  3. Speak with Barik
  4. Enlist the aid of a Forge-Bound not subject to Kyro's law
  5. Have Barik examined by a smith
  6. Travel to Sentinel Stand Outskirts
  7. Located a sample of fused iron and bronze
  8. Return to the smith with the sample
  9. Speak with Barik



  • After you talked with Barik, travel to Tunon's Court and see if Tunon is willing to remove Barik's armor. Whatever you say, Tunon will forbid anyone to remove that armor. And if you propose him to reconsider will gain wrath from Tunon, if you don't, you will gain fear from Barik.
  • Discuss with Barik after Tunon pass his judgment. If you still want to help Barik remove his armor, you need to talk with a Forge-Bound or someone who is not a subject of Kyros. (since Tunon forbids any subjects of Kyros to aid Barik remove that armor.)
  • You can speak to the Forge-Bound at your spire, if you have a Forge built. He will instruct you to seek help from Zdenya at Lethian's Crossing.
  • Alternatively, you can travel to Secluded Forge, and find the smith there. After having Barik examined by a smith, travel to Sentinel Stand Outskirts.
  • At Sentinel Stand Outskirts, some scarlet chorus showed up and ask you to give barik to them as their Archon are interested in his situation. Reject them and defeat them, the sample you need is at the center of the map.
  • Return to the smith with the sample, let her examine Barik again.
  • Speak with Barik. 


Tips & Tricks

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