Conquest is the opening gameplay portion of Tyranny. Prior to the events of the main game, you will make choices regarding Kyros' conquest of the world, and the decisions you make will have ramifications for the Locations you will explore in the game as well as Quests. During this portion of the game, you are literally shaping the world, modifying cities and towns demographically and geographically based on choices you've made. Players can opt to skip this portion and launch into the game via Quick Start.

If you chose to make your own decision, bear in mind that Kyro's conquest last for three years and each year you are in a different location. Each location has three choices you need to make.


428 TR, The Bastard City

The Bastard City, 428 TR (Stage 1)

  • Gates of Judgement

    • Join battle alongside the Disfavored (Gain favor from disfavored)
    • Join battle alongside the Scarlet Chorus (Gain favor from Scarlet Chorus, and Archon of Secrets will show his gratitude later, and Scarlet Chorus guards will recognize you.)


  • Infiltrate the Tiers

    • Aid the Disfavored scouts (Gain favor from disfavored)
    • Conscript enemy fighters for the Scarlet Chorus (Gain favor from Scarlet Chorus)


The Bastard City, 428 TR (Stage 2 - Gates of Judgement path)

  • To Judge the Enemy

    • Enslave the enemy for Disfavored (Gain favor from disfavored)
    • Conscript the enemy for Scarlet Chorus (Gain favor from Scarlet Chorus)
  • Feeding the Host

    • Confiscate merchant caravans for Disfavored (Gain favor from disfavored)
    • Pillage farmlands for Scarlet Chorus (Gain favor from Scarlet Chorus)


The Bastard City, 428 TR (Stage 2 - Infiltrate the Tiers path)

  • Inside Agent

    • A well informed Guard Captain
    • A fast talking smuggler
  • Containing the Fire

    • Lure them to a Disfavored ambush (Gain favor from disfavored)
    • A meeting with Voices of Nerat (Gain favor from Scarlet Chorus, Gain fear from Eb. Archon of secrets will absorb the mage, and tell you information about Eb later)


The Bastard City, 428 TR (Stage 3 - Gates of Judgement path)

  • Taking the Bastard City


The Bastard City, 428 TR (Stage 3 - Infiltrate the Tiers path)


429 TR, Apex & Lethian's Crossing

Chose Lethian's Crossing, your character may become the governor of that place, though not many real benefits. Chose Apex and you may earn the title Peace-Bringer, useful when negotiate with rebels. Chose Lethian's Crossing, you will have the opportunity to please Sirin, the Archon of Song and one of your potential party member. Sirin is very hard to please during the game and if you dont earn enough favor of her during the conquest, it's most likely you will get the low-favor ending of her.

Lethian's Crossing, 429 TR

  • The Iron must flow

    • Draw from the Scarlet Chorus recruits (Displease Scarlet Chorus)
    • Conscript a tribe of Beastmen (Displease Disfavored)
  • The Cult of Sirin 

    • Destroy Sirin's Cult. (Sirin is a powerful Archon and a potential team member of yours, maybe you dont want to upset her)
    • Send Sirin's cult to the Vanguard (Sirin is a powerful Archon and a potential team member of yours, maybe you dont want to upset her)


Lethian's Crossing, 429 TR (Stage 2)

  • A Guardian's Due

    • Segregate the mercenaries
    • Let mercenaries join the army
  • Pick of the Armory

    • Chose the Disfavored
    • Chose the Scarlet Chorus
    • Remain neutral


Lethian's Crossing, 429 TR (Stage 3)

  • Who Controlled the Crossing 

    • Chose the disfavored
    • Chose the Scarlet Chorus



Apex, 429 TR

  • The Battle of Edgering Pass

    • Side with Disfavored
    • Side with Scarlet Chorus
  • Denial of Strength

    • Slaughter the mages
    • Capture the mages


Apex, 429 TR (Stage 2)

  • A Captive Captain

    • Use the captain to send a messege
    • Use the captain's body as a grim warning
  • Poisoning the Well

    • Punish the saboteurs
    • Deny the charges


Apex, 429 TR (Stage 3)

  • The fall of Apex

    • Negotiate surrender (easier to negotiate with rebels later)
    • Challenge the Queen


430 TR, Stalwart & Vellum Citadel & Azure

No matter which area you chose, Kyros will let you proclaim a edict to destory that area. You will learn more about Archon Cairn's betrayal if you chose Azure.

Vellum Citadel, 430 TR

  • Song of Ensnarement

    • Muzzle the mages
    • Punish the Disfavored
  • Chain of Command

    • Order the Scarlet Chorus to advance
    • Order the Disfavored to advance

Vellum Citadel, 430 TR (Stage 2)

  • The Spymaster's Agents?

    • Leave the mages in Disfavored custody
    • Release the mages to the Scarlet Chorus (Voices of Nerat, the Archon of Secrets will reward you some rings when you first meet him. Gain favor from Scarlet Chorus and lost favor from Disfavored.)
  • Right of Command

    • Put an end to the contests
    • Honor the Right of Challenge

Vellum Citadel, 430 TR (Stage 3)

  • The Edict of Fire

    • Give no warning (Gain favor from disfavored)
    • Give one day's warning (Spies of Voice of Nerat will escape citadel, the Archon will thank you later)


Stalwart, 430 TR

  • Marching on the Empty

    • Punish the Scarlet Chorus (Gain favor from disfavored)
    • Order the Disfavored to share supplies (Gain favor from Scarlet Choru, Archon of Secrets will present you a gift later, but accept the gift irritate Disfavored)
  • A Contentious Setback

    • Honor the Disfavored's reputation
    • Punish the Disfavored commander

Stalwart, 430 TR (Stage 2)

  • The Beasts of Stalwart

    • Agree with Disfavored
    • Agree with Scarlet Chorus
  • Better Dead than Red

    • Deny the Scarlet Chorus their right to conscription
    • Grant Disfavored slaves to the Scarlet Chorus

Stalwart, 430 TR (Stage 3)

  • The Edict of Storms

    • Give no warning (Gain favor from disfavored)
    • Give one day's warning (Spies of Voice of Nerat will escape citadel, the Archon will thank you later)


Azure, 430 TR

  • Stalked by the Shadows

    • Sanction the Disfavored's Vengeance
    • Allow the Chorus' conscription
  • The destruction of Azure

    • Dismiss the Scarlet Chorus complaints
    • Order the Disfavored to replace the destoryed farmland

Azure, 430 TR (Stage 2)

  • Carin's Tribe

    • Send the Disfavored
    • Send the Scarlet Chorus
  • Taming the Beast

    • Continue the experiments
    • Enslave any captive Beastmen

Azure, 430 TR (Stage 3)

  • The Edict of Stone

    • Send the Disfavored to delay Cairn
    • Send the Scarlet Chorus to delay Cairn
    • Send both armies to delay Cairn

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