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Kills-in-Shadow is a Companion in Tyranny. Kills-in-Shadow is a monster. She's frightening and hairy. She stinks of wet animal and has an insatiable bloodlust for violence and slaughter. She's also a clever hunter, a brutish, skilled fighter, and is tenaciously loyal (unless, of course, she has sensed a weakness) to whomever she chooses to follow, whether that be her ruthless sister, Creeping-Death, who was the last leader of their savage tribe, or a human Fatebinder stronger than even the toughest of Beastwomen.


Kills-in-Shadow Combat Role

Kills-in-Shadow's combat role is focused on using stealth to gain an initiative advantage over enemies, and then using her enormous hit pool to withstand everything thrown at her. Her talent trees compliment this, allowing her to expand her stalking prowess through Ravager or her brute strength through Titan, all taking advantage of her natural racial features. She can be moved around the battlefield, gaining advantages with her stealth, or tanking stronger enemies. Lacking armor, she can escape hairy situations by trampling her way through foes.


Recruiting Kills-in-Shadow


Kills-in-Shadow Abilities

  • Beastmen Race: Kills-in-Shadow cannot wear armor, dual wield, or use ranged weapons that require both hands, but she possesses natural hide armor and is capable of wielding two handed weapons in a single hand.
  • Leaping Death: Leap onto a nearby enemy from stealth, heavily damaging all foes in the area and knocking them Prone.
  • Primal Scream: Roar at nearby enemies, Frightening them. If this ability is used while stealthed enemies become Terrified instead.
  • Disembowel: Use both claws to rip the target's stomach open, dealing a large amount of Slash / Pierce (best of) damage and leaving them Bleeding for an extended duration.
  • Trample: KIS moves rapidly towards her enemy, trampling foes in her path. Enemies caught in her path take Crush damage and are knocked Prone.
  • Taste of Blood: Causes all attacks from stealth to inflict a lasting bleed affliction. When Taste of Blood triggers, KIS receives a regeneration effect until combat ends.
  • Stance Berserker Rage: KIS enters a primal frenzy. While in this stance, damage taken is increased, but KIS receives a large bonus to Endurance and Melee Damage.


Kills-in-Shadow Talent Trees

  • Ravager: focused on her stealth and stalking abilities
  • Titan: focused on improving her raw strength and hit pool
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Kills-in-Shadow Reputation 

Increasing your Reputation in either Kills-in-Shadow's Fear or Loyalty meter will unlock powerful combo Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Reputation  Actions That Increase Reputation Unlocks
Fear Support for the Disfavored. (3) Shadow Hunter's Cloud
Loyalty Dominant, straightforward ways. (3) Sky Blade



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    • Anonymous

      27 Jan 2017 16:49  

      Well guys I like her. I maxing her health pool then I cast the golem armor spell on her and early in the game you can give her that sword that absorbs life. I can also enhant her weapon more to absorb more health and do more damage. I upgraded my ahield ability which I can put on her to absorb even more damage like elemental and pysical attacks. With the disfavored reputation ability I can also cast that on her.

      So I think she is the best tank in the game I personally have Barik + Her all the tanking a mage like me would ever need. :D She easily doubling Bariks health
      I am a mage obviously. So she suites me very well tanking a hell of alot.

      • Anonymous

        12 Dec 2016 21:26  

        I was disappointed, i think she is worst companion to get. Easy to kill, low dmg, only good innitiative is fine, but she is garbage.

        • Anonymous

          22 Nov 2016 21:58  

          Whatever you do, invite her to play a game. TRUST me, you will not be disappointed.

          Oh, make sure you're within earshot of all possible party members!

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