Sword (One-Handed)
21-27 Slash/Pierce


  • On weapon crit foe AoE  Dazed 10.3s

Dauntless is an Artifact in Tyranny


Dauntless Description

This legendary sword was the badge of the office for the Champion of Stalwart.
So many warriors brought Dauntless to battle over the centuries that the presence of the wielder was often less notable than that of the sword itself, which steered the hopes of Stalwart's armies toward victory. Even in instance when a Champion lacked the peoples' confidence, Dauntless made up for the their shortcomings by delivering on the promise of victory.
The sword's most notable feat of recent memory took place during the Battle of Quelling Field in 398 TR. A Free Cities army advanced on the Stalwart's farmlands and nearly won the day. When Dauntless was unsheathed, the dfending soldiers broke out in partiot cheer. This abrupt change of attitude so rattled the Free Cities mercenaries that they assumed their fortunes had changed and that Stalwart had gained a second wind in the battle. I twas only days after their panicked retreat that they learned of their error.
Consequently, the cultural significant of this blade cannot be udnerestimated.


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Artifact Ability


Tips & Notes

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