Disfavored is a Faction in Tyranny.


 “The Disfavored are one of the smallest of Kyros' forces. Because of their elite nature, they do not accept everyone into their ranks. Every soldier was well-trained before joining the Disfavored. After joining, they must master the squad-based discipline of the Disfavored before they're allowed to join any conflict.

While their numbers are small, they are the most well-trained military force in the known world, with a reputation as an unstoppable military juggernaut that crushes all resistance. Much of this is due to the powers of the Archon, Graven Ashe, but it's also due to the quality of the soldiers and their training.

The overall look of the Disfavored was inspired by Ming the Merciless' guards in the 1980s Flash Gordon film. They're meant to lookintimidating and strike fear into the hearts of an opposing army.”


Disfavored Information


Disfavored Leader

Graven Ashe, Archon of War and the Overlord's most loyal general, leads the Disfavored. Though small in number, Kyro's iron-clad legion has never met true defeat in open battle.


Disfavored Reputation

Increasing your Reputation in either Disfavored's Favor or Wrath meter will unlock powerful Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Actions That Increase

Reputation Unlocks


Being honorable, executing enemies, siding with Disfavored on disputes

(3) Stand Together, Stand Tall

(5) Favor of the Fatebinder


Being disrespectful, capturing or freeing enemies, siding with Scarlet Chorus or against them in disputes

(3) Undying Fatebinder

(5) Sever Ashe's Bond


Disfavored Concept Art


Disfavored Walkthrough

If you've sided with the Disfavored, or have decided to this walkthrough is for you. Remember you can break allience in all major regions, break allience wont make you an public enemy of Tunon and Kyros.


The following order is recommended based on events that occur in these locations besides their main plots. There are points in the game where you can go multiple locations at once, so please keep in mind these are not fixed in stone. For more complete walkthroughs, click on each location.



1. Edgering Ruins

Defeat the Vendrien Guard in Edgering Ruins.

2. Disfavored Camp

Deliver the Edict to the Archons in the Disfavored Camp, and speak with Iron Marshal Erenyos there afterwards to progress The Battle of Echocall Crossing quest. Speak with Isotanis to pick up the Forge-Bound Iron quest.

3. Scarlet Chorus Camp

Speak with Fifth Eye and interrogate the prisoners to progress the Taking the Outer Valley quest. Speak with Death Knell to pick up The Way of the Horde quest.

4. Remote Settlement (optional)

If you picked up this quest from Death Knell in the Scarlet Chorus Camp, defeat the Vendrien Guard in the Remote Settlement for some xp and loot.

5. Echocall Crossing

Defeat the Vendrien Guard at Echocall Crossing and pick up the clue to the iron needed for the Forge-Bound Iron quest, in a bin next to the drawbridge lever.

6. Echocall Village

Defeat the Vendrien Guard and decide the fate of the village. The Forge-Bound Iron is located in the house of Old Man Mua, who will appear after defeating Matani Sybil.

7. Tripnettle Wilderness

Defeat the Vendrien Guard in the area.

8. Northern Clearing (optional)

Defeat the Vendrien Guard in the Northern Clearing and rescue the Earthshakers.

9. Disfavored Camp

Turn in Forge-Bound Iron and Earthshaker Reinforcements then head to the tent so speak with the Archons. Speak with Iron Marshal Erenyos to advance the Assault on the Citadel quest.

10. Vendrien's Well Citadel

Defeat the Vendrien Guard Sages erecting the force field. Then head into the Citadel Barracks.

11. Citadel Barracks

Defeat the Vendrien Guard here and head into the Ascension Hall.

12. Ascension Hall

Defeat Tarkis Arri and end the Edict.

13. Mountain Spire

Interact with the Spire.

14. Bastard City

Report to Tunon what happened in Vendrien's Well, the Archon of justice will give you a special quest to find out is The Voices of Nerat, or Graven Ashe commited treason.

15. Ironhaul Trail

Bronze Brotherhood is charging protection fees from merchant, you can pass your judgement. Since Raetomonnon, their leader is with The Voices of Nerat, you have to attack them in order to get to Lethian's Crossing.

16. Lethian's Crossing

Defeat hostile forces and Recurit Sirin, the Archon of Song. Ask the merchants to find out The Voices of Nerat was using Harchiand Bronze to funnel weapons to the Vendrien Guard. Investigate local Spire.

17. Iron Hearth

Speak with Acalos to get quest Broken Spear, judge the arrested Scarlet Chorus members, and speak with Graven Ashe.

18. Sentinel Stand

The Edict of Storm preventing you to reach the Sentinel Stand, however an Unbroken scout showed up and some trace of Amelia can be found.

19. Duskwatch Fort

Assult the fort or infiltrae the fort, either way, save the POW and get information from him.

20. Rust Canyons

Assult the Unbroken camp, after you complete quest That Which Remains, geth the information of artifact from Eila.

21. Trapper's Junction (optional)

Defeat the Scarlet troops here.

22. Oldwalls Breach

Defeat Unbroken soldiers, and find the way to enter Ocean Spire.

23. Ocean Spire

Accquire the artifact and claim the Spire.

24. Iron Hearth

Report to Graven Ashe you acquired the artifact. 

25. Sentinel Stand

Use the Artifact to pass the storm, end the line of Regent and save Amelia.

26. Iron Hearth

Rport to Graven Ashe your achievements.

27. Lethian's Crossing

Visit Forge-bound, kill the bane, and start the quest The Bronze Thief.

28. Twin Rivers

Defeat the brotherhood, confront Sandro.

29. Deserter's March

Defeat the brotherhood and acquire the keystone, find the missing shipment.

30. Twin Rivers

Enter the Sunset Spire.

31. Sunset Spire

Defeat Raetommon and claim the spire.

32. Effigy

If you decide to explore the burning library instead of Lethian's Crossing, travel to Effigy and rescue Disfavored scout.

33. Burning Library Entrance

Defeat the Scarlet Chorus forces and decide what to do with captured sage and Disfavored Oath-bound.

34. Burning Library-Upper Ruins

Defeat banes and Scarlet Chorus forces, collect parchments of pass code, and rescue missing Disfavored soldier.

35. Burning Library-Lower Ruins

Defeat Scarlet Chorus forces, use the collected parchments to lift magic barrier, rescue missing Disfavored soldier.

36. The Silent Archive

Defeat Scarlet Chorus force, collect or destory The Silent Archive.

37. Burning Library Entrance

Report to Maric.

38. Iron Hearth

Rport to Graven Ashe your achievements.

39. Jagged Maw Shrine

Speak with Caedix and Radix to determine your next step.

40. Stone Down Gorge

Defeat stonestalkers to clear the path.

41. Howling Rock

Speak with Radix to determine your next step.

42. Graystone Valley (optional)

Some Scarlet Chorus memebers dressed as Disfavored to rob merchants, you need to defeat them in order to complete quest Divide and Conquer.

43. Iron Hearth

Report to Graven Ashe you about your achievement.

44. Howling Rock

Speak with Radix that Ashe give his approval of killing Cairn and end the Edict of Stone.

45. Gulfglow Oldwalls

Help the Earthshakers to get shards of Azurelith.

46. Howling Rock

Defend the Disfavored camp, complete the ritual.

47. Iron Hearth

Report to Graven Ashe you about your achievement.

48. Montain Spire

Cast Your Own Edict on the attacking enemy, then finish the remains. You will proceed to ACT II after you cast you own Edict.

49. Tunon's Court

Trial of Archons, then you need to defend yourself for breaking the Kyros' Law. If you succeed, Tunon will accept you as his new master. If you dont have enough favor of Bleden Mark, the Archon of Shadow, he will challenge you to a trail by combat.

50. Iron Hearth

Confront Graven Ashe, bring him to submission (favor 4), submits to him or defeat him.

51. Cacophony

Assult Scarlet Chorus camp.


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