Iron and Blood

Location Lethian's Crossing
Reward ??

Iron and Blood is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

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  1. Kill the Bronze Brotherhood commander.
  2. Kill all of the Bronze Brotherhood soldiers.
  3. Speak to Vintara.
  4. Chase Raetommon.
  5. Ask Vintara about where Raetommon may be taking Zdenya.
  6. Ask Eldian where Raetommon may be taking Zdenya.
  7. Check on Eldian.



  • After you killed the banes inside oldwall, the Lethian's Crossing is attacked by Bronze Brotherhood. Kill the attackers, then speak with Eldian to find out where Raetommon may go.
  • Before you leave the map, speak with Lohara at the forge to get quest Leave No One Behind and The Missing Shipment. Speak with Deya to get quest A Widow's Revenge.


Tips & Tricks

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