Forge-Bound Iron

Location Disfavored Camp

134 xp per party member

1000 rings

Average Favor with Disfavored

Forge-Bound Iron is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Explore Echocall Crossing of the missing shipment of iron.



  • Speak to Isotanis in the Disfavored Camp to pick up this quest.
  • Travel to Echocall Village and pick up iron by the bridge you must lower
  • At the end of The Battle of Echocall Crossing, go to the middle of town and talk with Old Man Mua. His house contains the iron needed for the quest. You can kill him and take the key or break the lock if you have (34) Athletics or pick it if you have (39) Subterfuge.
  • If you did not kill him, he will come inside once you have the iron and claim strange men gave it to him. If you chose to believe him, you will gain favor with the Vendrien Guard.
  • Return to Isotanis : You can chose to lie to him and say there's only a scrap left. This will gain average wrath with Bleden Mark. If you turn in the iron, you will earn 1000 rings and Average Favor with Disfavored.
  • Soldier and Guild Apprentice backgrounds will win you some favor with the Disfavored.

Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      09 Apr 2020 10:03  

      i think i did the bridge before talking to the quest giver? doesn't look like i have the option to take the quest.

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