Bleden Mark


Archon of Shadows

Bleden Mark is an Archon in Tyranny. The eyes of Bleden Mark watch from every shadow. He is Kyros' executioner, tasked with ending the lives of those Kyros deems dangerous. There is no army that marches behind Bleden Mark, no city hails him as ruler, and no great monument that boasts his name. While the other Archons surround themselves with human trappings, Bleden Mark is cloaked solely in shadow.


Bleden Mark Location



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Bleden Mark Abilities

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Bleden Mark Reputation 

Increasing your Reputation in either Bleden Mark's Fear or Loyalty meter will unlock powerful combo Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Reputation  Actions That Increase Reputation Unlocks
Wrath Siding with the Vendrien Guard  
Favor Witty replies, appreciative thank-yous  



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