Oldwalls Breach is an location in Tyranny.

Oldwalls Breach Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

A group of Unbroken soliders will stop you when you reach this location, if you are currently hostile with Unbrokens, you need to defeat them before explore this area.

After killed the Unbrokens, a sage shows up and tells how to get into the Ocean Spire, along with other useful informations. You can also get the quest The Stones of Elucidation.

On the east part of this map, find Garn Torchkey on a dead body, then proceed to Ocean Spire.


  • Blade Graven


Oldwalls Breach Sub Areas

  • None


Notable NPCs




Notable Items

  • ??

    • Anonymous

      04 Dec 2016 15:33  

      I sided with the chorus and have gotten to the point in the game where I can finally access this location. But there are only Dead NPC's here. What do I do?

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