Duskwatch Fort is an location in Tyranny.

Duskwatch Fort Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

Speak with Osmios and decide how to take the fort, by force or infiltration. If you chose to take it by force, Disfavored soldiers will add you. If you chose to infiltrate, there is one breach on the fort wall on north, not far from where prisoner been hold, you can climb through. There are other parts of wall that can be broken if you have high Atheletics skills, however it will be very diffcult to sneak past the guards if you start at these places. Once you get discovered, you will have to fight Unbrokens, without Disfavored support.

Once you found Callias, open the gate to set him free, then speak with him to gather more information.


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Duskwatch Fort Sub Areas

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Notable NPCs




Notable Items

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