The Bronze Thief

Location Twin Rivers
Reward ??

The Bronze Thief is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • ??



  1. Travel to Twin Rivers.
  2. Defeat the Bronze Brotherhood soldiers.
  3. Locate the Bronze Brotherhood commander.
  4. Go to Deserter's March.
  5. Retrieve the Keystone from Myrek.
  6. Return to Twin Rivers.
  7. Search Flatfoot Ferris.



  • After Lethian's Crossing been attacked, travel to Twin Rivers.
  • This place is filled with banes and Bronze brothers, you need to defeat them to interrogate.
  • Raetommon escaped into the Spire and seal the gate, in order to enter the spire, you need to find the keystone. Which is carried by Myrek, at Deserter's March.
  • Travel to Twin Rivers, enter the Spire.
  • Defeat Flatfoot Ferris and get his Torchstone.
  • Find Raetommon and defeat him.


Tips & Tricks

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