Ascension Hall is an location in Tyranny.

Ascension Hall Information

General Walkthrough and Tips

After entering the Ascension Hall via the Citadel Barracks, you will have a dialogue with Tarkis Arri, the commander of the Vendrien Guard forces at the Citadel. There are Athletics (43), Subterfuge (43) and Lore (43) checks during this conversation. If you pass the Atheletics check you will gain some xp and cause one archer to flee, making the battle easier. If you pass the Lore check, you will gain xp and cause the Sage to flee, making the fight easier. If you pass the Subterfuge check you will gain only xp.

After the battle with Tarkis Arri, depending on which side you chose to lead the forces either Fifth Eye or Iron Marshal Erenyos will arrive. You can gain or lose favor with your chosen allies depending on what you say OR you can betray your alliance. If you don't betray the alliance you will gain favor with both the Scarlet Chorus and Disfavored and lose favor with the Vendrien Guard. After declaring the Edict finished you will instantly be ported to the Mountain Spire.




Ascension Hall Sub Areas

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Notable NPCs




Notable Items

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      this isn't correct at all. if you betray alliance EVERYONE hates you, if you don't betray alliance everyone but one faction hates you.

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