Scarlet Chorus is a Faction in Tyranny.


β€œThe Scarlet Chorus is the largest of Kyros' forces, mainly because the bulk of the army is made up of conscripted troops, outlaw gangs, the scum of prisons, and the insane. The goal of the Chorus is to inspire fear and overwhelm their opponents with sheer numbers. Voices of Nerat doesn't care how many die in order to accomplish his goals. There are always more prisoners and many madmen left in the aftermath of his attacks, both of which make good new recruits to the Chorus.

The only thing that keeps the Chorus in line is their collective fear of Nerat. The Scarlet Chorus is typically made up of conscripted people from the conquered areas of the world. All of their armors are meant to be pieced together from the various armies they've fought, or taken from the people that they've killed.”

They are designed to look crazy, barbaric, and uncivilized β€” men and women who look like they will do anything to win. The red war paint is meant to symbolize the blood of past victims of battles won and raids completed.


Scarlet Chorus Information


Scarlet Chorus Leader

The Archon of Secrets known as the Voices of Nerat is the leader of the Scarlet Chorus army. Unlike Graven Ashe, he isn't a regular military general: he's more akin to the charismatic leader of a violent mob. He has absorbed the personalities and knowledge of several military leaders, giving him expertise to lead an army β€” but these personalities often have conflicting methods of conducting war.


Scarlet Chorus Reputation 

Increasing your Reputation in either Scarlet Chorus's Favor or Wrath meter will unlock powerful Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Actions That Increase

Reputation Unlocks


Cruelty, capturing prisoners and siding with the Scarlet Chorus on disputes

(3) Merciless

(5) Visage of Terror


Being kind, executing prisonres and siding with the Disfavored or against the Scarlet Chorus in disputes.

(3) Scarlet Skin

(5) Spurting Blood



Scarlet Chorus Walkthrough

If you've sided with the Scarlet Chorus, or have decided to this walkthrough is for you.


The following order is recommended based on events that occur in these locations besides their main plots. There are points in the game where you can go multiple locations at once, so please keep in mind these are not fixed in stone. For more complete walkthroughs, click on each location.



1. Edgering Ruins

Defeat the Vendrien Guard in Edgering Ruins.

2. Disfavored Camp

Deliver the Edict to the Archons in the Disfavored Camp, and speak with Iron Marshal Erenyos there afterwards to progress The Battle of Echocall Crossing quest. Speak with Isotanis to pick up the Forge-Bound Iron quest.

3. Scarlet Chorus Camp

Speak with Fifth Eye and interrogate the prisoners to progress the Taking the Outer Valley quest. Speak with Death Knell to pick up The Way of the Horde quest.

4. Remote Settlement (optional)

If you picked up this quest from Death Knell in the Scarlet Chorus Camp, defeat the Vendrien Guard in the Remote Settlement for some xp and loot.

5. Echocall Crossing

Defeat the Vendrien Guard at Echocall Crossing and pick up the clue to the iron needed for the Forge-Bound Iron quest, in a bin next to the drawbridge lever.

6. Echocall Village

Defeat the Vendrien Guard and decide the fate of the village. The Forge-Bound Iron is located in the house of Old Man Mua, who will appear after defeating Matani Sybil.

7. Tripnettle Wilderness

Defeat the Vendrien Guard in the area.

8. Northern Clearing (optional)

Defeat the Vendrien Guard in the Northern Clearing and rescue the Earthshakers.

9. Disfavored Camp

Turn in Forge-Bound Iron and Earthshaker Reinforcements then head to the tent so speak with the Archons.

10. Scarlet Chorus Camp

Speak to Fifth Eye in the Scarlet Chorus Camp.

11. Vendrien's Well Citadel

Defeat the Vendrien Guard Sages erecting the force field. Then head into the Citadel Barracks.

12. Citadel Barracks

Defeat the Vendrien Guard here and head into the Ascension Hall.

13. Ascension Hall

Defeat Tarkis Arri and end the Edict.

14. Mountain Spire

Interact with the Spire. Then head towards Lethian's Crossing and you will be ambushed on the way.

15. Tunon's Court

Speak with Tunon and complete The Voice of Kyros quest and gain the quests A Trial of Archons and The Dissonance of War.

16. Cacophony

Travel to Cacophony and speak with The Voices of Nerat. When you speak with Seven Toes afterwards, select the Lethian's Crossing to receive The Symphony of the Forge quest.

17. Ironhaul Trail

Speak with Raetomonnon and unlock access to Lethian's Crossing.

18. Broken Plains Wilderness (Opitonal)

Defeat the Disfavored forces and recruit the Bronze Brotherhood there.

19. Lethian's Crossing

Speak with Zdenya and watch her place the Magebane Helm.

20. Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls

Defeat the Bane.

21. Lethian's Crossing

Defeat the Bronze Brotherhood forces attacking Lethian's Crossing.

22. Deserter's March

Speak with Locke and Myrek and acquire the Oldwalls key.

22. Twin Rivers

Assist the Bronze Brotherhood defeat the Bane and enter Twin Rivers Oldwalls.

23. Twin Rivers Oldwalls

Acquire the torchkey from Flatfoot Ferris and find Raetommon and defeat him. Defeat Havoc and rescue Zdenya.

24. Sunset Spire

Unlock and travel to Sunset Spire.

25. Lethian's Crossing (Optional)

Pick up the quests: Remnants, A Widow's Revenge, A Person of Interest and The Missing Shipment.

26. Twin Rivers (Optional)

Confront Sandro. Located the bodies

27. Lethian's Crossing (Optional)

Confront Deya. Confront Alagan. Speak to Eldian.

28. Deserters March (Optional)

Recover the missing shipment.

29. Timbervale Village (Optional)

Destory the Disfavored.

30. Lethian's Crossing (Optional)

Speak with Tier Smasher and Lohara.

31. Cacophony

Speak with the Voices of Nerat.

32. Boulder Reef Village (Optional)

Free the rebels.

33. Cacophony (Optional)

Speak to Splinter.

34. Matani River (Optional)

Defeat the Oath Bound.

35. Cacophony (Optional)

Speak to Sanguinari.

36. Trapper's Junction

Defeat the Bane and speak with Janos.

37. Rust Canyons

Defeat the Disfavored forces.

38. Infested Oldwalls (Optional)

Defeat the Bane and acquire Dauntless.

39. Oldwalls Breach

Acquire the torchkey and head into Blade Grave Oldwalls.

40. Blade Grave Oldwalls

Defeat the Havoc and acuire the Steadfast Insignia.

41. Ocean Spire (Optional)

Head into the Ocean Spire from Blade Grave Oldwalls - East.

41. Sentinel Stand

Push back the Regents of Stalwart.

42. Hall of Regents

Defeat Straydus Herodin in the Hall of Regents and acquire Amelia.

43. Cacophony

Speak with the Voices of Nerat.

44. Halfgate

Speak with Misery.

45. Jagged Maw Shrine (Optional)

Defeat the Disfavored forces.

46. Stone Down Gorge

Speak with Hundred-Blood.

47. Gulfglow Oldwalls

Resolve the dispute between the Earthshakers and the Stonestalker Tribe.

48. Aurora Spire (Optional)

Claim the Spire.

49. Stone Down Gorge

Speak with Hundred-Blood.

50. Halfgate (Optional)

Speak with Grayson.

51. Howling Rock

Destroy Cairn.

52. Dawning Spire (Optional)

Claim the Spire.

53. Cacophony

Speak with the Voices of Nerat and Seven Toes.

54. Lethian's Crossing (Optional)

Speak with Harchiand Bronze. Kill Lohara.

55. Mountain Spire

Defeat the invaders

56. Tunon's Court

Prove Graven Ashe guilty.

57. Cacophony

Speak with the Voices of Nerat.

58. Iron Hearth

Defeat Graven Ashe and the Disfavored.

59. Cacophony

Speak with the Voices of Nerat.

60. Tunon's Court

Speak with Tunon.

61. Mountain Spire

You'll know what to do when you get there.



Scarlet Chorus Concept Art

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