Fangs and Fury

Location Stone Down Gorge
Reward ??

Fangs and Fury is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs



  1. Travel to Gulfglow Oldwalls
  2. Speak to Basilon
  3. Speak with Red-Fang
  4. Meet the beastmen at the Circle of Savagery in Gulfglow Oldwalls.
  5. Speak with Red-Fang
  6. Speak with Basilon
  7. Speak with Hundred-Blood



Head to Gulfglow Oldwalls and speak to Lycon and Basilon. You can either attack or offer to speak with Red-Fang first. If you attack fight your way through the disfavored. If not search the zone and loot the cystals and containers. There is a masterwork two-handed axe called Longclaw's Rage in a chest near the middle of the map. Watch out for traps as you make your way around. Speak to the beastman and convince him to let you pass. Loot the chest nearby for a masterwork dagger called: Broken Maw. Then climb down the cliff face and extract the crystal and loot the containers for some crafting ingredients. Then head back up and into Gulfglow Runic Hall.

You can access Aurora Spire at any point after you've entered the hall. Inside extract the crystal and use the charcoal rubbing to complete the rubbing of Aurora Spire. Loot the (hidden) brick to find a Sigil of Pride Magic. Then speak to Red-Fang. You can either attack the beastman, say you'll kill the Disfavored or try to become one of the tribe by fighting a trial by combat. If you wish to join the tribe, head outside to the ring and fight then return and speak to Red-Fang. Speak with Basilon and tell them to leave. The return to Stone Down Gorge and speak with Hundred-Blood.


Tips & Tricks

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    • Anonymous

      11 Apr 2017 22:42  

      i gathered his staff stone to finish off the edict of stone and not i cant finish the mission fangs of fury. i have already finished with hundered-blood and sent her to neret. did i mess up the chains of event i had to follow? he only gives me a fixed context with no ability to reply.

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