Battle at Jagged Maw Shrine

Location Halfgate
Reward ??

Battle at Jagged Maw Shrine is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Tangled Limb
  • Caedis



  1. Travel to Jagged Maw Shrine.
  2. Confront the Disfavored.



Pick up this quest by speaking with Tangled Limb in Halfgate, then trave to Jagged Maw Shrine. Once there loot the corpse and touch the formation to acquire the Sigil of Stone. Then speak with Caedis and Tangled Limb. You can decide to let them sort it out or fight for the Scarlet Chorus or kill them both. Aiding Tangled Limb will gain you Favor with the Scarlet Chorus and Wrath with the Disfavored.


Tips & Tricks

  • ??

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