Gender Female
Faction Scarlet Chorus
Location Edgering Ruins

Kosma is a NPC in Tyranny. 


Kosma Information

  • A merchant in Edgering Ruins
  • Kosma will initially be crouching in fear so as to not to fight when you enter the camp. She is available for merchant services once you have resolved the infiltration into the area.


Associated Quests

  • ??


Dialogue Options

  • If you tell her that there is a problem with her license to trade, she will try to bribe you. Accepting the brive will gain very minor wrath with Scarlet Chorus.
  • If you instead ask for a good rate as friends you will gain very minor favor with Scarlet Chorus.
  • Saying you were joking will gain minor favor with the Scarlet Chorus.



  • Her inventory changes every ?? hours/events
  • Her initial wares:



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