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Lantry is a Companion in Tyranny. Lantry is a Sage of the School of Ink and Quill. He's a man of letters and numbers, a student of magic and nature, and an archivist obsessed with the accurate accounting of important people and events. His school is famous throughout the Tiers for amassing knowledge from all throughout the known world, but the Sages are even more famous for rarely sharing this treasure trove of learning with outsiders, despite their claims of preserving knowledge for the betterment of mankind. The Sages revel in knowing a little bit about everything, and Lantry is no exception – in his long years he's learned the Sage's traditional Preservation magic, as well as the arts of Healing and Concealment – styles of magic long ago pilfered from other Schools and Guilds that the Sages now boast as their own.


Lantry Combat Role

Lantry was designed to be an efficient support character and a “jack-of-all-trades” of sorts. Being a well experienced Sage and learned traveler, he is the only companion to possess three unique talent trees. While these paths of specialization are not as deep as with other companions, they allow Lantry to be far more diverse in the development of his abilities.


Recruiting Lantry

  • Lantry can be found at Scarlet Chorus' camp as a prisioner, and he proposed to decipher a letter for you. You can recruit him by defend him as his champion, or simply order Scarlet Chorus to transfer him to your custody.


Lantry Abilities

  • Charged Throw: Lantry gains the ability to passively channel magical energies into his Quill as he throws it. Charged Throw makes Lantry's thrown critical hits trigger explosions of arcane energy, damaging all nearby enemies.
  • Quillstorm: Raising his hands to the sky, Lantry forms a writhing cloud of arcane quills. With a wave of his hand, each quill is sent raining over his enemies, cutting deep and causing a lasting Bleed effect.
  • Stance Mage Slayer: Lantry's knowledge of workings of magic have also taught him how to quell it. While in this stance, each of Lantry's attacks can silence enemy spellcasters and apply a lasting penalty to their magical abilities.
  • Watcher's Judgment: The wrath of a Sage brings with it many levels of magical debilitation. With Watcher's Judgment Lantry can charge his weapon and unleash a burst of energy on impact. This attack severely diminishes the enemy's defenses against magical attacks. If Lantry can perform this action from stealth, the enemy is also Paralyzed.
  • Renewal: Lantry uses Sage magic to restore the party's weapons and armor to pristine condition, increasing the protectiveness of armor and the ability for weapon's to penetrate enemy defense.
  • Second Breath: Producing a small vial from his garbs, Lantry moves to a fallen comrade to revive them in battle.


Lantry Talent Trees

  • Preservation: focuses on supporting the party from the back line by buffing allies with renewing magic, healing them, and even bringing them back from the brink of unconsciousness.
  • Sage: excels at emphasizing the use of spells and abilities that debilitate foes to aid the party.
  • Quill: shifts him into a deadly offensive thrown weapon specialist.



Lantry Reputation 

Increasing your Reputation in either Lantry's Fear or Loyalty meter will unlock powerful combo Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Reputation  Actions That Increase Reputation Unlocks
Fear  Being brutish and blunt. (3) Theft of Memory
Loyalty Using lore ability and being intellectual

(3) Wheel of Ages



  • Conversation with Lantry can lead to teaching you Control Life skills (+5 ranks). It also unlocks Sigil of Life (core)
  • At Loyalty 3, you can ask Lantry if you may try his ink. He will say he doesn't want to poison you, and you can push the subject to gain Major Fear and minor Loyalty, or drop it and gain Average Loyalty.
  • If you have Fear 3 or can pass a Subterfuge (42) check, Lantry will answer about himself. He will reveal the Voices of Nerat sent him to the school of ink and quill. If you thank him for telling you, you gain Major Loyalty. If you tell him you're dreadfully amused, Major Fear. He also reveals he had been wanting to meet you albeit the circumstances that brought it about is not what he had hoped for.

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