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Verse is a Companion in Tyranny. Verse represents the bravado of the Scarlet Chorus. She's constantly proving herself, challenging others, prodding for weaknesses, and delighting in the social power play within Kyros' more volatile army. Her free spirit and playful sarcasm make her a fitting counterpoint to Barik and his iron walls of emotional repression.


Verse Combat Role

Verse blends between melee and ranged combat with ease, acting as a highly mobile single target damage dealer. Verse's talent trees support this synergy between short and long ranged combat and allow her to perform the roles of melee assassin or ranged archer on the fly. Verse also possesses unique combat stances that allow her to further match the party's needs in the heat of the moment.


Recruiting Verse

  • Verse can be recruited at the start of the game. Just after you defeated some enemies you will meet Verse fighting some Vendrien Guards, you can let her join the party by fighting with her.


Verse Abilities

  • Know Your Enemy: A talent which allows Verse to study her enemies in combat. This allows Verse to become increasingly more deadly the longer that a combat spans, increasing her Dodge and Parry each time she is struck by an enemy. As a quick thinking fighter, Know Your Enemy helps sell the idea that Verse won't fall for the same combat trick twice.
  • Rush: As a Scarlet Fury, Verse is no stranger to sprinting into danger with a wave of Chorus allies at her back. The Rush ability gives players the chance to send Verse like a streak of lightning through the enemy ranks, drastically increasing Verse's movement speed for a short time and making her immune to engagement.
  • Killing Spree: After felling a foe, Verse will enter a Killing Spree where she attacks multiple times with each of her basic attacks.
  • Burning Iron: Verse launches a single arrow doused in oil and flame. When it strikes, it ignites her enemy, burning them for Fire damage over time.
  • Unbound: Verse performs a spinning attack and vaults through the air to a safe location. A remnant of one of Verse's fallen sisters appears in her place to face her foes.


Verse Talent Trees


Verse Reputation 

Increasing your Reputation in either Verse's Fear or Loyalty meter will unlock powerful combo Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Reputation  Actions That Increase Reputation Unlocks
Fear Side with Disfavoured, be lenient or too understanding, be cautious or cowardly. (3) Fury's Rage
Loyalty  Praise the Scarlet Chorus, be aggresive, take no jokes against you, be ruthless. (3) Death from Above



  • At Loyalty 2, you may ask her for a duel. This increases your Dual Wield or Bow Skills by 5 ranks.
  • At Loyalty 3, Verse will confess she was a spy for The Voices of Nerat. Telling her you never trusted her will gain you Fear.
  • At Loyalty 3, and once you reach the Bastard City, Verse will reveal through conversation that she is Barik's sister by their father.
  • At Loyalty 3, talking to Verse can get a combo ability Arrow Storm with Barik, if Barik has at least Loyalty 3.
  • Verse has various Stance, and some of her stances can be upgraded during Bastard's Wound.
  • The Fire Inside is the companion quest for Verse added in Bastard's Wound.

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