Unbroken is a Faction in Tyranny.


"The nation of Stalwart has a proud military tradition, going so far as to name their citizen militia “the Unbroken” to boast of how they have never lost a war on their own home soil ... a boast Kyros' forces intend to discredit.

The Unbroken appearance is modeled after the other Tiersman factions (the chief detail being bronze armor), but with everything dirtied up and given touches of desert nomad fashion. This is because the vast majority of Unbroken whom the player will meet have been living life under the extreme conditions that the Edict of Storms has inflicted on their lands."


Unbroken Information


Unbroken Leader

Straydus Herodin


Unbroken Reputation

Increasing your Reputation in either Unbroken's Favor or Wrath meter will unlock powerful Abilities. The breakdown of reputation is as follows:


Actions That Increase

Reputation Unlocks






Unbroken NPCs

  • ??


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