Hidden Truths

Location The Shattered Bastion
Reward ??

Hidden Truths is a Quest in Tyranny. It was added with the Bastard's Wound expansion.


Important NPCs



  1. Read the Sage's missive.
  2. Travel to the Shattered Bastion.
  3. Find the Sage that summoned you.
  4. Deal with the Scarlet Chorus at the Shattered Bastion.
  5. Speak to Rholes the Butcher.
  6. Access the Cave with Oceans Fire
  7. Explore the Cave.



When you first arrive in the Shattered Bastion you will stumble upon Rholes the Butcher and Warbler arguing. You can intervene and kill Warbler and his men, or you can leave them to work it out. If you defeat Warbler they will lower a draw bridge to let you up and you can speak to Rholes. You can also head right, no matter what you decide and speak with Gwenyth. There is a rope near her that you can also climb to access the same area that the drawbridge leads to.

Once above, speak with Rholes who will ask you to clear the entrance so that you can enter the cave. Either defeat him and his men and speak with Gwenyth or accept his offer. If you help Gwenyth she will give you Oceans Fire which you can use to open the Cave.


Tips & Tricks

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