History of the Oldwalls: Part I

Location Bastard's Wounds
Reward ??

History of the Oldwalls: Part I is a Quest in Tyranny


Important NPCs

  • Insipid Moniker



  1. Retrieve the keystone from Insipid Moniker
  2. Use the Eastern Teleporter
  3. Open the path to Reef-Talon
  4. Kill Wagstaff's mercenary
  5. Continue searching for the remaining Torchkeys
  6. Resume your search
  7. Return to Abyss
  8. Kill Jaspo's mercenary
  9. Find Reef-Talon



  • Reef-Talon is hiding in a chamber at The Abyss, but you will need three torch keys to get there.
  • Lazu Torchkey can be found on a body at The Abyss, other two Torchkeys are at Darkened Hollow and Fractured Depth


Tips & Tricks

  • ??

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    • Anonymous

      13 Sep 2017 10:56  

      I can' get to the last mural. There is a locked chamber close to the one where Reef-Talon is hiding, with a teleporter to the location with the last mural. The door is locked but there doesn't seem to be any way to open it.

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