Lady Lucretius

Gender Female
Faction The Bastard City
Location Bastard City

Lady Lucretius is a NPC in Tyranny. 


Lady Lucretius Information

  • She is found near the entrance to Tunon's Court in the Bastard City.
  • ???


Associated Quests


Dialogue Options

  • Lady Lucretius complains about the Archon not helping with the rebuilding of her destroyed housing. If you tell her the Archon is Kyros' law, or Kyros laws serve the masses, you will gain minor favor with Tunon.
  • Telling her to stop whining will gain minor wrath with Tunon
  • Saying the Scharlet Chorus are dogs will gain minor wrath with the Scarlet Chorus.

If you speak further, she will reveal the Archon seems to twist the law to favor Kyros.

  • Telling her Kyros makes the law grants minor favor with Tunon, and that the law stands gains average favor with Tunon
  • Other options have no consequence
  • You mayuse Subterfuge (38) to briber her.



  • ??


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