The Conqueror's Will

Location Edgering Ruins
Reward ??

The Conqueror's Will is a Quest in Tyranny


Kyro's demand victory at Vendrien's Well. As a Fatebinder of Tunon, you are tasked with delivering Kyros' Edict to the Archons of the Disfavored and the Scarlet Chorus. They must defeat the rebellious Vendrien Guard soon, or everyone in the valley, allies and enemies alike, will die.


Important NPCs

  • ??



  1. Travel to the Disfavored camp
  2. Proclaim Kyros' Edict to the Archons



  • Followed the lead of Verse , help wipe out the enemies in Edgering Ruins. Then travel to the Disfavored Camp and deliver the Edict to the Archons in the tent there.


Tips & Tricks

  • After you proclaim Kyros Edict, you need to take Vendrien's well in 8 days, or everyone will die. However, you can rest a month before you proclaim the Edict, this way, the edict will come into effect in next year's Sword day, you will have about 363 days to spare.

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