The Oathbreakers

Location Secluded Camp
Reward ??

The Oathbreakers is a Quest in Tyranny

The Scarlet Chorus are currently attempting to secure the outer ring of Vendrien's Well. You'll need to help them deal with rebel forces in the area before Kyros' armies may safely march upon the Citadel.


Important NPCs



  1. Meet with Tarkis Arri at the secret location
  2. Sow discord between Graven Ashe and the Voices of Nerat
  3. Travel back to Vendriel's Well Citadel.
  4. Speak with Arri about her plan to defend the citadel
  5. Move east and defend the side yard
  6. Check on the main courtyard
  7. Retreat to the citadel's interior.
  8. Go to Ascension Hall.
  9. Defeat Kyro's Forces



This quest only becomes available if the Vendrien Guard captains are allowed to escape the Tripnettle Wilderness and the player character has favor with the Vendrien Guard.

Travel to the Secluded Grove and follow the archer to meet with Tarkis.

When you first speak to Tarkis, Barik and Verse will voice their discontent. Telling them to calm down gains you average fear with both, whilst nodding subtly gains you average loyalty with Barik without actually stopping the negotiations. Attending the meeting will grant favor with the Vendrien Guard.

Tarkis reveals that they didn't think they would have a chance, and that at the end of their fight they see a way to continue on through you. They also say they know about the edict, which surprises Barik and Verse. You have the option to remain silent, challenge them to surrender, ask them for a plan or use subterfuge (36) or lore (36) to propose yourself as the agent to claim the tower (+28 xp).

Eb and Tarkis convey their plan: They want you to take the tower, and serve as your warriors to claim Ascension Hall in your name. You can chose to ask for why you should help, bluff about the ordeal, attack them or leave. If you agree without bluffs, the conversation shifts towards you accepting their services. Being impolite gains minor or average wrath with the Vendrien Guard, and accepting them into your service gains Eb into your party. Lantry will also give you average loyalty for this choice. Verse will not care, and Barik will lose average loyalty and gain minor fear.

You will now return to the Disfavored Camp to sow discontent amongst the Archons or join in their tasks.

Once at the camp, you may lie to both factions. Chosing the Disfavored will cause the Voices of Nerat to abandon the tent, but Barik will not say anything and Verse will stand by you after being accused of being a spy, if your loyalty is over 3. You will have the option of using a Subterfuge (41) or Lore (41) check to appease Graven Ashe.

If you talk to Iron Marshal Erenyos outside the Ashe's tent, you will have an option to betray your allegiance to the Vendrien Guard as well and march with the Disfavored of Scarlet Chorus. In order to continue the quest, lie that you'll catch up.

Barik will challenge your allegiance choices even if you lie and say you'll join the Disfavored. You can tell him that you are not caring for Ashe's ego and have an opportunity to gain average loyalty with him by dismissing him, but he leaves your party. The only way to keep him in your party is to betray the Vendrien Guard, be diplomat or soldier, or to tell him that Tunon sent you to do a job, and you're doing it. You will get Athletics, Lore or Subterfuge (36) checks, or the flat option to tell him to join you. He will then stay.

Travel to Vendrien's Well Citadel and find Tarkis Arri. You will lose Major Wrath with Vendrien Guard and gain favor instead. A lengthy conversation of tactics ensues, and you can avoid gaining wrath with the Vendrien Guard if you opt not to threaten them.

You may gain loyalty with Eb by accepting her into your party, or Wrath by telling her she can't order you around. If you have managed to keep everyone so far, the party manager will pop up to make you select who to bring to battle.

Go to the Eastern Courtyard, and the walls will fall and allow the factions in. You will be found and gain Very Major Wrath with both Scarlet Chorus and Disfavored. You cannot appease Iron Marshal Erenyos, who will attack you and be defeated by you here. Loot the area and optionally kill all enemies outside the wall before proceeding back to the main courtyard.

On the main courtyard, you will slay some Scarlet Chorus fighters, and loot some items, then proceed inside. Verse will have a word with you but she is easily appeased. Fight through the Citadel Barracks and make sure to not miss the Sigil of Force available here.

Enter the next area, Ascension Hall, and you will find the Fifth Eye has cornered your allies. Here you will have a choice to betray your allegiance and claim the spire for yourself, or use Athletics, Lore or Subterfuge (41) to dissuade your enemies. The Fifth Eye will fight you either way.

Defeat him to earn Major Wrath with the Scarlet Chorus, and Cap of Precision for your party.

Claim Ascension Hall to finish the Edict and be transported to the very top of Vendrien's Spire. The Fifth Eye is there with you, terrified. You can send him back with a message, that can net you wrath with The Voices of Nerat, or favor and wrath with him and the Scarlet Chorus. This finishes the quest and gains 138 experience for each party member, unlocks the Mountain Spire, and begins quest Stirring Visions.


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